Friday, 7 November 2014

Charges for Cristina

The Infanta Cristina of Spain could face trial on charges of tax fraud it has been announced today. The sister of King Felipe VI will most likely answer the case in 2016. Possible charges of money laundering against her have been dropped.

Infanta Cristina arrives at court in early 2014

The infanta appeared in court earlier this year as part of an investigation into money laundering and tax fraud - she had to answer questions about the matters then. The inquiry is linked to allegations that her husband misappropriated funds via the Noos organisation which he helped set up.  

Sixth in line to her country's throne, the Infanta Cristina could now end up in the dock

Whether the infanta will end up in the dock is still in the balance as the Botin doctrine allows suspects to avoid a court appearance if the public prosecutor or someone affected by the case do not make the accusations. All that is for the future. But today, the Spain's royals faces another round of negative headlines. The infanta is no longer part of the official Royal Family since the abdication of Juan Carlos but Cristina remains the daughter and sister of kings and could now be heading to court.

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