Friday, 7 November 2014

Charles' chuckles

When asked to take part in celebrations marking forty years of an Australian TV show, Countdown, Prince Charles really got into the swing of things. Charles featured on the show in 1977 and the appearance became very well known for all the wrong reasons. For the host, Molly Meldrum, got so nervous he fell apart on screen. And all these years on, Prince Charles hasn't just shared his memories. He's had a good laugh while he's doing it.

The interview for ABC that the Prince has given marking forty years of Countdown
(via @ABCTV You Tube)

In an interview for the ABC network, the future king recounts what it was like being on the other side of a table to a man who was sweating so profusely he had to mop his head and who became so frightened by the experience he had to keep asking for a glass of water. The prince sends this moment up when he, too, asks for a drink.

Prince Charles during the original interview with Molly Meldrum which he has sent up in a special interview for an anniversary special

He also gets someone to help him imitate another famous part of the chat - when a producer had to prod Molly Meldrum and tell him to pull himself together. Charles sits straight faced as an arm enters the TV screen and tells him to get on with it.  The interview will be broadcast on November 16th 2014 but the prince has already got plenty of laughs from it.  And that can only be a good thing. Sometimes accused of being too serious or too aloof, Charles is winning new fans with his light hearted teasing. His ability to send himself up and his willingness to be seen having a laugh shows a more relaxed side to a prince who has made no secret of his love of comedy and comic writing in the past. And with this clip already grabbing thousands of views on You Tube, the prince's future looks to be full of laughs as well.

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