Thursday, 10 January 2019

Meghan's First Patronage and a very Eager Theatre

In her engagement interview, she famously said she said yes before the question was even finished and now it seems that eagerness has spread to the organisation which is about to get the Duchess of Sussex as its royal patron. Meghan was due to be announced in that role for the National Theatre on January 10th but with hours to go, their website shared the news ahead of schedule.

What is quite possibly an IT glitch somewhere rapidly turned into a social media spread so that by bedtime on the 9th, everyone knew what Meghan would do next. We get all the official details later but the big news is out of the bag. The first royal patronage for the Duchess of Sussex is the National Theatre.

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The theatre was set up in 1963 and performed at London's Old Vic until 1976 when it moved to its now world famous home on the South Bank. The Queen, its royal patron, opened the new building and has a long association with the organisation. Now that part passes to Meghan.
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It will be the first of many patronages for the Duchess of Sussex and further announcements are expected in the coming year. And we can expect that those Meghan gets in contact with, with an offer of the ultimate slice of royal support, will be just as eager to say yes.

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