Wednesday, 2 January 2019

New Year, First Royal Engagements of 2019

No one tell Mary but the Danish royals weren't first out of the blocks in 2019. Royal fans know they'll get a dose of regal glamour every New Year's Day as Denmark's ruling house takes to the chilly palace steps of Copenhagen for the annual gala dinner but this time round the royal diary had already started before they'd even got their tiaras out of the boxes. The Prince of Wales was back at work on New Year's Day morning in 2019.

Charles attended a memorial service marking the centenary of one of the worst maritime disasters in UK peacetime. He travelled to the Isle of Lewis, in the Hebrides, for the commemoration. Charles, known as the Lord of the Isles in this part of the world, gave a reading from the Bible and laid a wreath at the memorial to the 201 people killed when the HMY Iolaire crashed on to rocks just yards from Stornoway Harbour on January 1st 1919. Those on board were returning home after serving in World War One. Nearly every community on the small island lost someone that day. The prince later unveiled a new memorial bearing the names of everyone who died.

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On a happier note, it was business as usual in Copenhagen where Queen Margrethe led her family at the New Year gala dinners which begin appropriately enough on January 1st. Margrethe, in her Pearl Poire Tiara, threw open the doors of Christian VII's Palace to dignitaries for the annual event, a celebration which dates back centuries.

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Crown Princess Mary put aside her New Year love affair with the heirloom ruby parure she was given on her marriage by her husband and chose instead the smaller diamond and ruby necklace tiara she bought for herself. We'll call this the usually sparkle-tastic Mary's low key moment for 2019 and move on.

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In the least surprising move of the year, and we mean the whole year even though it's only a day or so old, Princess Marie wore her diamond floral tiara. I know. There was a lot of pale gold on the dress front from Marie as well, keeping to all her traditional favourites in one fell swoop.

And like that, they're off. There will be more New Year galas from the Danish royals as well as the Pascua Militar in Madrid with the always happy House of Bourbon at the helm before the week is done. You've had your holidays, now get ready to get down to royal business, 2019 style.

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