Thursday, 3 January 2019

Royal Social Media, 2019 style

It may be about to enter its most important year to date. Official royal social media, just an optional extra and often an inefficient one at that just five years ago, is now a major communication tool for ruling houses across the continent. And with an ever growing audience across all platforms, especially in the younger generation that royalty needs to get on board to keep the popularity levels high, this coming year promises opportunities and challenges for royal social media on a new scale. And that means no snoozing over the New Year period. Here's how the official royal channels got 2019 started.

In some instances, it was easy. Clarence House was able to share details of an engagement for the Prince of Wales within hours of the new year getting under way. Photos of Charles paying tribute on the centenary of the loss of HMY Iolaire in Stornoway were shared on Instagram and Twitter on January 1st 2019, underlining the heir's commitment to duty.

Kensington Palace might be the undisputed king of royal Instagram right now, with 7.1 million followers and counting, but its first social media post of 2019 came on Twitter (following 1.68 million) and again the emphasis was on duty. The debut message of the new year was all about an engagement for the Duke of Cambridge next week, informing us that William will recognise the work of the London Air Ambulance on January 9th.

With a series of New Year galas, the Danish official Instagram account was always going to be busy. Its first share of 2019 was a sunny image of soldiers waiting for the first changing of the guard ceremony of the year with a message about the traditional gala events that open every year for Margrethe. This is all about royalty's role in national life and it's a stonker of a photo as well.

The Dutch Royal Family, rather brilliantly, began their New Year postings with a message of congratulations for the new World Darts Champion, Michael Van Gerwen. It was shared on Instagram and Twitter and has all the hallmarks of a confident monarchy in touch with what matters to those following its every move.

A post shared by Princess Madeleine of Sweden (@princess_madeleine_of_sweden) on

Spain and Norway's royals have yet to post as have Sweden's on their official channels. However, Princess Madeleine has taken to Instagram with a New Year photo of her youngest child, Princess Adrienne. And rather lovely it is, too.

Just to underline that unseen images of the next generation are always going to keep social media followers happy, Princess Charlene went and shared a photo of her twins, four year old Jacques and Gabriella, as they met Father Christmas in Lapland as her first post of 2019. A future sovereign and his greatest supporter in super cute photo alert, everyone. See the power of social media?

However, even in this modern age, one thing remains unchanged. The Queen. She's approaching the 67th anniversary of her accession, not to mention her 93rd birthday, but she leads the Royal Family with unswerving dedication. And the same is true for their social media. The official Royal Family Instagram and Twitter began with posts showing HM quite literally in the pink as she smiled her way into 2019. It's a powerful image, focusing attention on the very person at the heart of the Monarchy. The first post of hundreds - let's see what 2019 brings for royal social media.

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