Sunday, 2 November 2014

Marie of Monaco?

In the recent poll to find out which name was currently favourite for any little princess who might arrive in Monaco before the year is out there was a clear winner. Coming out on top was a name that in its many forms has been a favourite with royal families for centuries - Marie. With family links to Prince Albert and a royal pedigree that takes some beating, this is the name that most voters thought might be included in a birth announcement from the Prince's Palace come December.

Expectant parents, Albert and Charlene, will welcome twins at the end of 2014

Marie has a great MMonegasquepast. Prince Albert's younger sister is called Stephanie Marie Elisabeth and he has two nieces with it as a middle name - Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi and Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb. But it is in past generations that the name has most resonance for the Grimaldis.

Charlotte Marie Pomeline, niece of the Prince of Monaco
(By Juan Jose Alvarez Gomez)

Albert's father inherited Monaco via his own mother, Princess Charlotte, who was the daughter of Prince Louis II and his lover Marie Juliette Louvet. Charlotte was named as legitimate heir to her father and passed her succesion rights to Rainier, her only son, in 1944. Louis' own mother had been named Mary while her mother had been a German princess, Marie Amelie of Baden.  

Princess Marie Amelie of Baden is the great, great, great grandmother of Albert II of Monaco

Prince Albert II's paternal grandfather, the Count of Polignac, was named Pierre Marie Xavier Raphael Antoine Melchior and was the son of Maxence Melchior Edouard Marie Louis. His grandfather was Count Charles Marie de Polignac who was the son of Count Camille de Polignac and his wife, Marie. The name is on just about every branch of the Monaco family tree. So it's perhaps no surprise that it's a favourite for a possible princess. Marie of Monaco has quite a ring to it.

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