Sunday, 2 November 2014

William's work experience

At least he knows that should the main career plan not work out he has options. It's been revealed that the Duke of Cambridge, then just Prince William of Wales, spent two weeks working at Chatsworth House when he was but a young second in line to the throne. And as well as building up a considerable array of skills like making sausage rolls, he also spent quite a lot of time being followed by tourists who thought he was the image of  - Prince William. Life as a double is always an option.

Prince William spent several weeks working at one of England's most famous stately homes

The work experience has come to light as a new book about life at Chastleton is published by Christine Robinson who has worked at the estate for forty years and is now head housekeeper there.  The story of William's work experience there is featured in the Sunday Express.  And it reveals that the future king learned plenty of tricks to add to his constitutional expertise during his time at the famous house.

The Duke of Cambridge learned how to cook and clean while at Chatsworth

Christine Robinson reveals that the prince turned his hands to cooking, rustling up mince pies and sausage rolls. He also helped with DIY and repairs around the house but his most prominent new job at Chatsworth was as a Prince William lookalike.  The piece in the Sunday Express details how tourists often did double takes as he walked past until two brave ladies told him he was just like that nice young William, future king, and he had to reveal his secret.

Prince William could get a new job as a royal lookalike

The revelations that William spent time, as a 23 year old, learning workman and housekeeping skills are perhaps most surprising because they have been kept secret for nine years.  The prince has tried his hand at many different areas of work as he tries to accumulate experience that will stand him in stead to be a modern monarch. And the fact that so many people thought that the young man carrying planks of wood around the house must be a double rather than the real thing only shows that royalty still retains an other worldliness, so much so that even when the evidence points to a prince being present plenty choose to pick another option.  William's work experience will no doubt win him more fans as he shows, again, his mother's instinct for being part of a wider world.

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