10 Royal Wedding Kisses for Valentine's Day

Kate and William on the way back to Buckingham Palace chat about whether they should do the whole kiss thing....like not was ever an option

On Valentine's Day, everyone needs a bit of romance and what could be more romantic than the first kiss of a handsome prince and his beautiful princess?  The wedding day snog has become a royal tradition just about everywhere and Valentine's is perhaps the best moment to remember some of the most romantic royal kisses - little looks of love that promise so much.

In April 2011, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kept to the script and stepped out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for a regal kiss-ette to start married life.  The royal smacker was almost overshadowed by their very cute bridesmaid, Grace van Cutsem, who has just had enough after a really long day and photobombed one of the royal photos of the decade by looking bored. Genius.

Victoria and Daniel of Sweden didn't stop kissing all through their wedding day, June 19th 2010,locking lips at every opportunity.  But what we all want is a balcony kiss and there were no surprises when the Crown Princess of Sweden and her new husband, now a prince himself, gave us a very enthusiastic royal snog indeed.


But they had nothing on Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark who set some kind of record for royal wedding day kisses when they said 'I do' on May 14th 2004. We got a lip lock in the church before the music had even started for them to walk out and they kept at it all through the day with this famous photo of them on the balcony the centre point of the whole snog fest.

Not far behind them on the can't stop kissing front were Haakon Magnus and Mette-Marit of Norway who capped the perfect 21st century royal fairytale romance with an even more perfect kiss when they said their vows in Oslo on August 25th 2001.  Just swoon for a moment or two, it's rather lovely.

It ever there was a template of how to produce a wow kiss with plenty of romance then it would come straight from the Netherlands. Queen Maxima set the bar high with a stunner of a snog with her new husband, Willem-Alexander, as they stepped out to greet crowds after their wedding on February 2nd 2002. This is picture perfect and filled with love. A masterclass.

Stephanie of Luxembourg wasn't far behind in the watch how it's done stakes. Her first royal kiss with new husband, Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, on October 20th 2012 was a proper lip locker and then some. Presumably, someone was ready to wrestle them apart because it looked like they were there for good at one point.

There was a huge amount of attention on the kissing antics of Prince Albert II of Monaco and his bride, Charlene, when they wed on July 2nd 2011 after speculation that the new princess had tried to run away from her royal marriage just days before it took place. Every move the two made was studied and analysed all day but their (many) kisses were all calm and serene. These are perhaps the most pressured clinches in recent royal wedding history but the lovebirds pulled them off with aplomb.

Philippe and Mathilde of the Belgians have always enjoyed an understated romance even if they clearly look totally loved up all the time. Their balcony kiss after their marriage on December 4th 1999 was very much in keeping with the whole discreet nature of their royal partnership with the smitten bride and groom planting a passionate smacker on each other's cheeks while apparently not noticing the huge crowd cheering them on. Sweet romance written all over it. Just lovely.

Less in keeping was the rather chaste brush of faces presented by Felipe and Letizia of Spain as they took to the balcony on their wedding day, May 22nd 2004. This pair of royal lovebirds had been glued at the hip since announcing their surprise engagement six months earlier and had held hands and gazed into each other's eyes at just about every royal appearance afterwards. Quite why they didn't lock lips on their wedding day remains a mystery. It's all very sweet but this is a royal wedding snog still missing in action.

But the most famous royal kiss of all remains the one that started the tradition on July 29th 1981 when Prince Charles and Diana, the brand new Princess of Wales, kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.  It was unexpected and gave the watching world the perfect photo of the most fairtytale romance of all.  The actual ending was, of course, very different.  But for that moment, Charles and Diana were the very image of royal love.  A kiss is still a kiss, as time goes by - it's a royal moment in time that captured imagination of the world.


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