Friday, 9 February 2018

Prince Henrik of Denmark is seriously ill

There is sad news this morning about the husband of Queen Margrethe of Denmark. The health of Prince Henrik has taken a turn for the worse and the couple's elder son, Crown Prince Frederik, is currently flying back from Seoul to be with his family.

Prince Henrik, who is 83, was admitted to hospital at the end of January after becoming unwell during a stay in Egypt. In a very brief statement early today, the Royal Household sad that his condition had 'unfortunately greatly worsened'. The prince, who was diagnosed with dementia last autumn, has a lung infection.  The decision of Crown Prince Frederik to return home at what was intended to be the start of a two week stay in Seoul for the Winter Olympics (he is a member of the International Olympics Committee) is an indication of how serious this latest complication is.

Prince Henrik was born in France on June 11th 1934 and married Margrethe, then heir to the throne of Denmark on June 10th 1967. He became consort of Denmark on January 14th 1972 when his wife became Queen Margrethe II. The couple has two sons and eight grandchildren. 

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