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Royal Wedding Guests: William and Kate

Not long to wait now to find out who is getting one of the most sought after envelopes of the year. The invitations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage on May 19th 2018 at St. George's Chapel, Windsor are going out soon as discussion continues as to who might have made the guest list. One of the questions that keeps coming up is whether we'll see other royals at the wedding and, if so, who. A tricky one to call right now so instead let's take a look back at William and Kate's wedding when Westminster Abbey was buzzing with European regal relatives. It's April 29th 2011, it's Westminster Abbey, it's the royal guest list for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's marriage, it's time to get glitzy.....



Sweden's royals were represented by the Crown Princess, Victoria, and her husband, Prince Daniel who at the time were still newlyweds themselves having said 'I do' at an equally epic royal marriage in Stockholm just ten months earlier. There's a good chance that this pair could be at Harry and Meghan's big day as they've just completed the hosting duties for William and Kate during their royal tour of Sweden so Haga and Kensington are rather pally palaces right now.



It's less likely that we'll see a repeat of this royal representation. The Spanish Royal Family sent the then heir to the throne, Felipe, and his wife, Letizia, as well as the then queen consort, Sofia, to William and Kate's wedding. Given that Felipe is now King of Spain it's highly unlikely he'll attend but we could well see his mum, Sofia, there given the close links she has with the British Royal Family. She famously hosted Harry, William and their parents in Mallorca for several summer holidays while her brother, Constantine, is the Duke of Cambridge's godfather. 

The Netherlands


Willem-Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands were still Prince and Princess of Orange and two years away from becoming King and Queen of the Netherlands when they attended the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in April 2011. Maxima has attended several European royal weddings by herself since becoming her country's queen consort so there's a chance she'll be at Harry and Meghan's nuptials but, as with Felipe, Willem-Alexander would be in a tricky position attending the marriage of a sixth in line to the throne as monarch when he was at the wedding of the Duke of Cambridge, a king in waiting, as a Crown Prince.


Here's the hat trick of heirs turned king since April 2011. Philippe, now King of the Belgians, attended William and Kate's wedding with his wife, Mathilde, while still waiting to take his country's throne. Mathilde, like Maxima, has done the solo royal guest at a wedding thing so is a small possibility for Harry and Meghan's do. Presumably with a much smaller hat.


It might be a bit easier to call potential royal guests from Denmark. When William wed Kate, Queen Margrethe came along - Daisy does love a royal marriage or three. As the monarch came to the future monarch's wedding then it's rather easy for the heir to head to the former spare's do. Given Margrethe's own personal circumstances right now - she's just taken up residence at Fredensborg Castle where her husband, Henrik, is recuperating following an illness at Christmas - it's unlikely we'll get a repeat of this royal visitor and that's before we've done the protocol thing.


If we needed any reminders of the close links between the Norwegian and British Royal Families then the recent visit to Oslo by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge provided all the evidence and more. William and Kate were hosted by King Harald and Queen Sonja who also attended their wedding in 2011. Harald, like the Queen, is a great grandchild of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra who married at St. George's, Windsor, so will that cousinly link mean a crowned head in the congregation for Harry and Meghan's own celebration there this May?


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The Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg did the honours for William and Kate's wedding and looked rather jolly about the whole thing. Now that their heir, Guillaume, is a married man himselgf they could always pass guesting duties to him and his wife, Stephanie, who also recently hooked up with the Duchess of Cambridge when she visited their country. Almost best friends.


No one had even mentioned the words 'runaway royal bride' when the then Charlene Wittstock attended William and Kate's marriage with her then fiance, Prince Albert II of Monaco. Charlene was one of the star guests, thanks to the huge interest in her own royal wedding which took place three months later amidst all kinds of rumours that she'd tried to run away (hotly denied later by the new princess). Will we see a Monaco royal at Harry and Meghan's marriage? All eyes are now on that eagerly awaited guest list which is set to appear any time now.

Photo credit: Defence Images via Flickr.

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