8 royal Pats for St. Patrick's Day

It's St Patrick's Day which means anyone with a link to or love of Ireland will take a moment to celebrate. And there will be plenty of Pats joining in the celebrations but while the name was a popular one (usually as a shorted form of either Patrick or Patricia) for much of the 20th century, it's much rarer among royalty. So to mark St Patrick's Day, here's a look at eight royals who had a Pat hidden somewhere in their names.


King Edward VIII
The king who famously gave up his throne for love ruled using his first name, Edward, and was always known to his family by his last name, David. But in between he had five other names, yes five, and one of those was Patrick.  When the eldest son of the future George V and Queen Mary was christened, just weeks after his birth in June 1894, he was given three family names and then the names of the four patron saints of the four countries of the British Isles which meant the Archbishop of Canterbury had to get through Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David before he got a sit down. So far, the man who abdicated his crown is the only British ruler to bear the name of Patrick.

Prince Arthur, Duke of Conaught
The third son and seventh child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert was the first senior royal to bear the name of Patrick. His full name was Arthur William Patrick Albert (the use of Albert being all but compulsory in the naming processes for Victoria's children and grandchildren) and he was born on May 1st 1850. His first name came from his godfather, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington who had been born in Dublin on May 1st 1769. His royal namesake enjoyed a long military career himself and became very fond of his middle name, starting a bit of a royal tradition.

Prince Arthur of Connaught
The son of Arthur, Duke of Connaught and a grandson of Queen Victoria, this prince was one of the most senior royals in the country in the 1910s but he's not so well known now. The only son of the Duke of Connaught and his wife, Princess Louise of Prussia, he was born on January 13th 1883 and christened Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert (see, compulsory) on February 16th that year. He was the first royal to go to Eton and like his dad had a military career. But this Arthur never became Duke of Connaught as he died in 1938, four years before his father. 

Princess Patricia of Connaught
Arthur and Louise, Duke and Duchess of Connaught, weren't done with the name Pat just yet. When their last child, a daughter, was born in 1887 they called her Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth but she was always known as Patricia, not that much of a surprise as her birthday was March 17th. Princess Pat became hugely popular and she was a bit of a royal groundbreaker. When royal marriages started to be proposed, Pat just turned the other way. In the end, she became the first royal bride at Westminster Abbey for over 500 years but as her husband was a commoner she walked into the famous church a princess and left her title at the altar after saying 'I do'.

Edward, Duke of Kent
Just before Edward VIII became the first King to be called Patrick, he welcomed a nephew who also shared his rather unusual royal middle name. Prince Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick of Kent was born on October 9th 1935, son of George, Duke of Kent and his wife, Marina. At the time he was seventh in line to the throne. On the death of his father in 1942, Edward became a royal duke and has had a high profile supporting his cousin, the Queen, throughout her reign.

Princess Grace of Monaco
Grace Patricia Kelly had Irish ancestry - her paternal grandparents came from County Mayo - and her middle name reflected that link to Ireland. She became one of the most famous royals of the 20th century when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956 but it was her first name that resonated around the world. 


Autumn Phillips
Patricia is also the middle name of the wife of the Queen's eldest grandson. Autumn Patricia Kelly married Peter Phillips on May 17th 2008 at St George's Chapel, Windsor making her the first bride of that generation of royal descendants. She has two daughters with her husband and despite no royal title of her own, the fact that her hubby calls the Queen granny gets her a place in this countdown.

Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley
This great grandson of George VI and great nephew of the Queen is carrying the name Patrick into a new generation. Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones, now Viscount Linley, born on July 1st 1999, is the son of the 2nd Earl and Countess of Snowdon and the youngest grandson of the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret. He was given the name Patrick in honour of Ireland's patron saint - his mother, Serena, was born in Limerick. Charles Armstrong-Jones is 19th in the line of succession - the nearest the name Patrick gets to the throne right now.