Wednesday, 16 May 2018

George and Charlotte are stars of Royal Wedding 2018

You can start getting really excited now. After a few days of rather turbulent royal wedding news, we're back to the stuff we all love. The bridal party has been announced and guess who's walking up the aisle with their soon to be auntie? Yep, here come George and Charlotte.

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The third and fourth in line to the throne are among the ten strong bridal party of Meghan Markle which was revealed today. Prince George, now four, and Princess Charlotte, who has just turned three, will reprise the roles they had at another aunt's wedding - last year they were sweet in spring colours as Pippa Middleton got married.

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They are part of a very young bridal party. Making their way up the aisle of St. George's Windsor will be five other bridesmaids as well as Charlotte. Zalie Warren, who is two, is a goddaughter of Prince Harry as is Florence van Cutsem, aged three. Two of Meghan's goddaughters are also in the party - six year old Remi Litt and seven year old Rylan Litt. Ivy Mulroney, who is four and daughter of Meghan's great friend Jessica Mulroney, completes the list.

George will be joined by three other pageboys on May 19th. Jasper Dyer, aged six, is one of Harry's godsons. Brian Mulroney, six, and John Mulroney, seven, the sons of Jessica and brothers of Ivy, are also part of the party.

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Now the debate arises as to whether this very young group will walk behind the bride, as usually happens at royal weddings, or in front of her, as more and more couples choose for their marriages in the UK. With an average age of around four and a half, this is a very youthful group of attendants and keeping them calm and happy is perhaps going to be a bit of a challenge with no maid of honour to walk them in. But they will be cute, they will (probably) be smiley and at last, after days of not so happy news, the Royal Wedding is finally giving us all reason to celebrate again.

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