Monday, 20 November 2017

Royal Platinum Wedding: Congratulations to the Queen and Prince Philip on 70 Years of Marriage

''In all essentials, exactly the same as it would have been for any cottager who might be married this afternoon''.. That's what the Archbishop of York said to Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten about their marriage as they wed on November 20th 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Plenty raised an eyebrow at that sentiment then and since. But in many ways, Cyril Garbet was right. For any marriage will always come down to the two people who enter into it. It might start in splendour but it relies on the hard work and unending hope of those saying 'I do' if it is to continue in glory. The Queen and Prince Philip, seven decades on, have proved that love really does conquer all.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Royal Platinum Wedding: the look of love as the Queen and Prince Philip celebrate 70 years of marriage

He looks like he can't believe his luck and she looks like she's pretending to ignore him. It was probably the same seventy years ago when the first decided to get married. In a new set of photos to mark their 70th wedding anniversary, the Queen and Prince Philip look like any couple in love. Which is why their wedding anniversary and all it celebrates is just really rather marvellous all round.

Royal Platinum Wedding: the bride, through veils of time

A princess, a queen in waiting, royal history in the making. Elizabeth was many things on her wedding day, November 20th 1947, but above all she was a bride. She was on show to the world and being scrutinised by millions but throughout that day there were moments just for her. Seventy years may have passed but some survive, caught on camera while the bride's thoughts were caught elsewhere. As the Queen and Prince Philip prepare to celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary, here is Elizabeth the bride, through the veils of time...

Royal Platinum Wedding: the Queen's engagement ring

On a platinum anniversary, you need a platinum ring. With just hours to go until the 70th wedding anniversary of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, it's time to look back to the piece of jewellery being worn by the bride on the eve of her wedding. Her engagement ring was filled with sentiment, history and sparkle and has proved a royal classic in its own right. As the anniversary approaches, here's a look back at the Queen's engagement ring....

Royal Platinum Wedding: the bride's grandmother

Norman Hartnell made a lot of frocks for the royal wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten on November 20th 1947. But while he was no doubt sweating over making the bride's gown perfect and ensuring that her mum looked marvellous in another of his creations, the frock that may have caused most fear was the one he made for Queen Mary. The Queen's granny was nothing if not formidable so this was no easy commission. Here's how Hartnell helped create the perfect granny of the bride....

Royal Platinum Wedding: 5 other royal events of 1947

In the end, it is the royal event we all remember from 1947. The marriage of the then Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten on November 20th 1947 has gone down in history as a regal milestone and the start of an historic story. But it wasn't the only major royal event that year.
Three reigns came to an end, two tenures began, one monarchy ended for good. There was also a regency and a tragic event that would change another throne forever. Here are five more royal events of 1947...

Royal Platinum Wedding: the official photo

You don't get out of a major royal wedding anniversary without an official photo or two and with just hours to go until they mark 70 years of marriage, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have opened up the latest chapter in their album with a portrait by Matt Holyoak of Camera Press.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Royal Platinum Wedding: Europe's other monarchical marriages

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are about to break yet another royal record. On November 20th 2017 they will mark their 70th wedding anniversary, the first British royals to make that milestone. But how do Europe's other monarchs match up when it comes to marital marks? As Elizabeth II and her consort prepare for their platinum, here's a run down of how the sovereigns of Europe measure in the matrimonal market....

Royal TV takeover

If you love the royals, then grab the sofa. They are taking over the TV. There's some right royal treats coming up on the tellybox so settle down, find the choccies and veg out, regal style.....

Royal Platinum Wedding: the mother of the bride

All eyes might be on the bride on her big day but there's one other person feeling the style pressure. The mother of the bride. Not only is she seeing her little girl begin a whole new chapter of her life, she's got to have a hat that could stop traffic or no one is going home truly happy. That was never going to be a problem at the Queen's wedding on November 20th 1947. We all know how her mum loved a hat. And on the day her dynasty made more history, this Queen Elizabeth was more than ready for her close up.