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Names fit for a prince - Louis

We know him as George but, of course, when the Archbishop of Canterbury christens baby Cambridge on October 23rd he will bestow three names on him at the font.  And while George has a royal pedigree stretching back, intermittently, to the 15th century, the future king's other names have had a limited role in the UK's monarchical monikers.  Putting the last first, Louis has been associated with kings of France for almost a thousand years which is perhaps why it's appearance on the names of British monarchs has been mostly limited to the 20th century.

George Alexander Louis of Cambridge leaves hospital in London on July 23rd 2013 That said, the vey first king of England to be called George had just one middle name and that was Louis.  George Louis of Hanover received his first name in honour of his paternal grandfather and his second name as a nod to his dad's mum's dad.  He started off as Georg Ludwig but on inheriting a whole kingdom, on top of the electorate he had…

Royal round up, week ending September 28th 2013

A round up of all the news from Europe's royal houses for the week ending September 28th 2013.... Spain The Spanish royal family was hospital bound this week.  King Juan Carlos went into the Quiron clinic in Madrid for an operation on his left hip which had become infected following a replacement in November 2012.  Before he was admitted, the king embarked on a whirlwind of activity.  On Monday 23rd September he had audiences with two senior Moroccan politicians, Mohamed Cheikh Biadillah and Karim Ghellab.  On Tuesday 24th September, just hours before he was admitted to hospital for his operation, he received sixteen ambassadors who had been due to present their credentials over the coming week.  Normally granted individual audiences, all sixteen took part in a unique event where they handed over their letters in rapid succession. The king of Spain receives sixteen new ambassadors to his country in a huge audience granted on the day he went into hospital, Tuesday 24th September 20…

Royal generation game

With the announcement of the christening date for little prince George, we also have a deadline on that other much awaited photo of the year.  Ever since the arrival of baby Cambridge, there have been calls for a photo of the tot who will be king with the other two chaps expecting to have a crown in day and the woman who currently wears it.  October 23rd won't just be George's christening day. It will be the date we finally get to see all four generations of rulers of the House of Windsor together. 

Prince George of Cambridge is still to be seen on film with anyone other than his mum and dad - all that could change on October 23rd 2013 We know that the little prince has met his granddad and great grandmother but he's yet to be seen with them.  The photo will be one for the history books and yet another seal of success on the reign of Elizabeth II.  All monarchs want to assure the succession and the girl who was born not to be queen has done just that with three kings in wa…

Dress down Friday for Letizia

In recent months the Princess of Asturias has been criticized in some parts of the Spanish press over reports that as far as she's concerned, Friday night is alright for dancing.  Accounts of Letizia out at bars or concerts with her mates as the weekend gets under way contributed to the rumours of a marriage crisis for the consort in waiting.  But when the prince and princess turned up at the Quiron clinic in Madrid on Friday 27th September to see King Juan Carlos, who is recovering from a hip operation, Letizia certainly looked half way ready for a night out.  As did Felipe.  While Queen Sofia went for her regular smart casual trouser suit, the Asturias and their girls looked as if they might drop granny back home and then head off for a pizza.

Felipe, Letizia and their girls joined Queen Sofia for a trip to see the king of Spain during his recuperation at a hospital in Madrid  on Friday 27th September 2013 Skinny black jeans, trendy t and on message black heels were the princess&…

Royal godparents for prince George?

We now know when Prince George will be christened and where and we know there will be a special coin to mark the occasion.  Nearly all the pieces of the jigsaw are in place apart from the names of the godparents.  While the smart money has been on Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton from day one, there's still no confirmation of who will stand sponsor to this future king on the day of his christening.  And if William and Kate want to stick with one royal tradition, they need to find themselves a king and/ or a queen with a spare few hours on October 23rd.

The Cambridges broke with tradition for their first official pose with Prince George but will they stick to another habit when it comes to christening their son? Since the day in 1819 when Queen Victoria was baptized, future British monarchs have counted on a king or queen to be their godparent.  Little Vicky, although only fifth in line to the throne at the time, had the Queen of Wurttemburg (admittedly her kingdom had only existed …

George's link to Diana

An important first step in Prince George's journey through life will take place in the same location where his late grandmother, Diana, began her final journey at the end of her life.  He will be christened in the Royal Chapel of St James' Palace, where the princess' body was placed the night before her funeral. 

Diana and William.  Her grandson, George, will be baptized in St James Palace on October 23rd 2013
When William and Kate became engaged he used Diana's famous sapphire ring because he said he wanted his mother to be a part of it all.  The chapel's link to the princess provides another chance for her to be remembered at one of the most important celebration in the lives of her eldest son and his first born child .

Baby George's christening date

The boy born to be the head of the Church of England will take his first steps into religion on October 23rd 2013.  Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge will be christened then at St James Palace with the Archbishop of Canterbury leading the service.  The current head of the church, Queen Elizabeth II, will be present as will the next in line to carry the title created by Henry VIII almost 500 years ago.  But George's granddaddy, Charles, has already signaled a change that will mean the role the baby prince inherits in the Church of England might be very different from the one his great grandmother holds now.

George of Cambridge, future king and head of the Church of England, will be christened on October 23rd at St James Palace in London The Queen also bears the title Defender of the Faith.  Check your coins, it's there for all to see, emblazoned in its Latin form FD, or FID DEF.  But Prince Charles has said he wants to be known as Defender of Faith - a subtle shift that…