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Four faces of George

The future king of England, Prince George of Cambridge, has made just his fourth appearance in official photos as his parents release a snap of him ahead of the family's tour of Australia and New Zealand.  Now aged eight months, the little prince poses in a window and one again is joined by the Cambridges' pet dog, Lupo, in the photo - as he was in his first official snap released in August 2013.

Prince George and Lupo square up for their first photo face off in the official portrait of the future king released in August 2013
The next official photos of George came in October 2013 when the little prince was pictured with his father, grandfather and great grandmother in an historic image of four generations of royalty together. The monarch took centre stage in this portrait with her three kings in waiting around her.

And George makes four - the reign of Elizabeth II began in 1952 and here she is seen with the kings in waiting who will take her dynasty into the 22nd century
A few …

George gets his own back on Lupo

He was the dog that stole the show in one of the most eagerly awaited royal photos of the decade.  Lupo, pet of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, took a starring role in the first official pictures of Prince George released in the summer of 2013.  But in the official snap of the family ahead of their tour of Australia and New Zealand, there is no way George is letting his family pet pull the same trick twice.  Cheeky, confident and full of charm, George outstares Lupo and makes sure all eyes are on him as he makes just his fourth appearance before the cameras since his birth.

He's learning fast - this time George makes sure Lupo takes a supporting role as the Cambridges pose for photographer Jason Bell ahead of their tour of Australia and New Zealand
The photo is a quirky and modern take on monarchy with the faded colour of many an Instagram snap.  The little prince has glimpses of his daddy about him but mostly looks more and more like his mummy.  But most of all he makes sure th…

Letizia almost cuts ahead of Kate

The comparisons between their styles are growing by the day but in one area, Princess Letizia has a head start on the Duchess of Cambridge.  The Princess of Asturias has a new hair style.  In fact, Letizia has been changing her hair quite a lot in recent times while Kate is sticking to what she knows best meaning her long, dark locks rarely move from their perfectly coiffed positions on her shoulders. But on the day a Spanish fashion writer claimed that Letizia was copying Kate's clothes, the Princess of Asturias surprised many by putting her hair up to look like she'd cut it all off.

Letizia's locks get a second look - the Princess ofAsturias showed off a new hairstyle in her latest appearance
It was just one pesky strand at the front that gave the game away as it worked its way loose to reveal that the new short do was in fact just a temporary measure.  It's not the first time in recent months that Letizia has surprised with her barnet - she went all Great Gatsby with…

The Maxima Effect

Europe could have a new queen of hearts.  Royal commentators in England have been chattering about the Maxima effect as the consort of the Netherlands seemed to win over the world leaders who visited her and her husband at Huis den Bosch Palace this week ahead of the Nuclear Security Summit.  There seems to be general agreement that the Dutch queen impressed everyone she met at this major event for the new monarchs with some arguing she outshone her husband.

Queen Maxima meets Barack Obama - and the king was there too.  The Dutch consort wins over world leaders at one of her biggest events since she and her husband became monarchs in 2013
Ever since her marriage in 2002, Maxima has been one of the most popular royal consorts on the continent and she has always seemed happy in her royal role.  Commentators noticed how relaxed the queen was hosting dozens of world leaders and representatives at what was a difficult dinner to make a success.

Queen Maxima is seen at the front of this photo…

Royal round up, week ending March 22nd 2014

A round up of all the news from Europe's royal houses for the week ending March 22nd 2014...

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark welcomed the President of Turkey and his wife for a two day state visit, beginning on March 17th 2014.  The Danish Queen led the royal family as they met the president at Copenhagen airport at the start of his visit.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark with the President of Turkey.  The Danish Queen was accompanied by the royal family to greet the President at the start of his two day visit to Denmark on March 17th 2014
On the afternoon of March 17th, Crown Prince Frederik and President Abdullah Gu attended a business lunch and a Turkish-Danish Trade and Investment Forum at the Confederation of Danish Industries in Copenhagen.  On the evening of March 17th, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted a gala dinner for President Gul and his wife at the Amalienborg Palace with the royal family in attendance.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark leads the toasts at the gala d…