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Kate's 5 sparkliest moments

The Duchess of Cambridge is to attend a banquet during the Chinese State Visit this autumn meaning we get another chance to see Kate do diamonds. Since her marriage, this particular royal has been rather shy when it comes to dipping into the family jewellery box but a gala dinner means tiaras and no duchess likes to pop one of those on her head without a few more sparklers to balance things up. Kate is about to get very glittery indeed. So in anticipation, here are Kate's five sparkliest moments so far.

1. A beautiful bride Why there was ever discussion ahead of her wedding as to whether Kate Middleton would wear a tiara I don't know. OK, she didn't have a family heirloom to use but she is going to be Queen of England one day so the idea of her turning up to her wedding with a couple of butterfly hairclips or a rose tucked behind one ear was always the wrong option. For her debut as a royal she wore the Cartier Halo tiara which was made in 1936 and bought by the future Geo…

Royals on social media

It seems like ages but suddenly the royals are back. A wave of engagements in the last ten days or so has seen some ruling houses back in action and their social media accounts beginning to sparkle and shine once more. We've had water, words of wisdom and white trouser suits - a sunny mix to show just how the royals want to tell their story as the summer of 2015 enters its final phase. Here's the royal week on social media.

Rather refreshing
Last time Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden appeared in public brandishing water, she announced she was pregnant a few days later. And after all those rumours this summer when pics of her on holiday with a slightly rounder tummy appeared you might be forgiven for rushing off to start knitting after seeing the images of the future queen waving a bottle of H2O in the air this week. It was actually part of a pilgrimage for the environment and the flask of water was actually a baton being passed from Crown Princess Mette-Marit to Crown Princes…

10 iconic photos from Charles and Diana's wedding

It is an event that never fails to fascinate despite the passage of time and the sad ending it ultimately had. The wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer on July 29th 1981 is back in the headlines after previously unseen images of it taken by Lord Lichfield were put up for auction. The behind the scenes photos bring back memories of a day that was enjoyed by billions around the world and which still lingers today. As that one special wedding day makes news again, here are ten already legendary images of Charles and Diana's marriage.

1. The kiss One of the most famous royal photos ever taken was that of the unexpected kiss shared by the newlyweds on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Until then, royal romances were sealed with a kiss behind closed doors but the world wanted a smacker to savour and the bride and groom obliged. The Queen pretended not to look, the page boys pretended not to laugh and everyone else sighed. It is an iconic image of royalty that will …

6 times royals have conquered the beach

What happens when you put royals on a beach? Either a row about invasion of privacy or a photocall with pitfalls including sand and waves. But some manage the beach look with style - here are 8 top moments when royals conquered the sand.

1. Proud parents Beaches can be hard work for royals on a holiday press call. They've got to look relaxed, dress down without going the whole shorts and flip flop route and find interesting things to do while smiling for the camera. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands very sensibly opted for the proud parents watching the children route in the summer of 2015 and the result was the perfect royal beach look.

2. Grey but interesting Think beaches, think sunshine but in Norway the family of Crown Prince Haakon Magnus gave us one of the most interesting royal seaside poses when they joined hands and stood on some rocks against very grey skies that promised rain. The image, taken to mark Haakon's 41st birthday, was striking and…

Royals on social media

As it summer holiday time, the official royal social media accounts are having a bit of a break in general. With most of Europe's reigning families on their breaks, there's little for their Twitter, Instagram and You Tube accounts to report. But there have been a few moments of activity, most of them related to holidays or the weather. You can almost smell the suncream on this week's royals on social media.

Getting away from it all Most high profile of all the royal families of Europe this week has been the reigning house of Spain which spent quite a lot of time in the sunshine as King Felipe VI and his relations began their summer holidays in Mallorca. The official Casa Real Twitter account was full of images of the king, his queen and their daughters on the island where they posed for the media and then hosted a reception for local authorities. And Felipe and Letizia took us behind the scenes at the evening event by tweeting a picture of them with the chef who prepared t…

Why isn't Victoria of Sweden on Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List?

There are plenty of surprises on this year's best dressed list from Vanity Fair (Samantha Cameron? Really?). But surely up there with the biggest is the omission of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden from the top ten most stylish women in the world. In a year when this future queen has continually stunned with her wardrobe choices, surely missing her out from the fashion action is a huge oversight?

One seriously fabulous dress that wasn't enough to put Victoria of Sweden on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List 2015

Victoria has worn some cracking outfits this year. Nearly all of them have had a modern edge with a nod to high fashion and following trends with High Street buys. All those attributes are enough to put Queen Letizia on the list and to have sent the Duchess of Cambridge into the Hall of Fame last year so why no place for Victoria?

View image |
And some of her choices have been among the best outfits worn by royals this year. The red ball gown at the Nobel …

Black and gold for Spain's two queens

Maybe next year, King Felipe should take the night off. For the second August in a row he has hosted a reception in Mallorca for local authorities but while he might be in charge, all eyes were on the two queens in his life. In 2015, just like his first year as monarch, this particular evening was all about his wife, Letizia, and his mother, Sofia.

And the king came too....Felipe VI of Spain with his consort and his mother in Mallorca
It may well be that Queen Letizia chose an all black outfit on a dark night in Mallorca as a sign of mourning for her grandfather who died last week at the age of 98. But as she stepped out with her country's other queen, Sofia, they made a sharp contrast against the deep evening light at La Almudaina. One in black, one in gold. The king came too.

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Letizia's outfit proved controversial, of course. This is a queen with a fashion sense that always manages to get someone talking. The black trousers weren't the problem, …

Ear, ear for catchy royal jewels

No one really expected Queen Letizia of Spain to get through a whole appearance without making at least one fashion statement, even if you had to really concentrate to see this one. For her photocall in Mallorca at the start of the royal summer holidays she chose on trend khaki green trousers matched with an equally hot right now white sleeveless top. But the big fashion moment was almost hidden under her famous bob - the queen was wearing a pair of gold earrings shaped like horns.

Queen Letizia has never been one for big statement jewels - the closest she's come to that is her much debated tiara bought as an anniversary present for her by Felipe in 2009 and worn for the first time earlier this year. But these earrings certainly got lots of attention and it's easy to see why. They're an unusual look which works well with the casual summer clothes but they're eye catching enough to make a mark all of their own.

View image |  But Letizia's not the only…

Family smiles as summer starts for Spain's royals

The temperatures might have been soaring across Spain for months now but the traditional family pose at the Marivent Palace in Mallorca always signals the start of the royal summer there. And as dusk began to fall today, Felipe and Letizia began their break with a laid back press call accompanied by their daughters.

King Felipe VI of Spain with his family Mallorca, August 3rd 2015
The famous palace steps have been the setting for many famous royal summer photo calls but this one, like 2014, was much smaller than previous years as the Spanish Royals shrink down to a core element of the king, his consort, his heir and the spare. While his father and mother are still part of the official family, they weren't present at the press call although Queen Sofia has been seen on the island in the past days with her eldest daughter, Elena, and her other grandchildren. This evening was all about Felipe and his family.

The Spanish Royal Family Marivent Palace, August 3rd 2015
The session began wit…