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5 royal Valentino brides

There's much anticipation over who will design the wedding gown to be worn by Beatrice Borromeo for her religious marriage to Pierre Casiraghi, nephew of Prince Albert II of Monaco. But we already know that Beatrice has joined an exclusive list of royal brides dressed by Valentino after designer confirmed that his design house was responsible for the pink and gold creation chosen for the civil ceremony in Monaco last weekend. Here are 5 times that Valentino has given us unforgettable royal brides.

1.  Princess Madeleine of Sweden This princess might be fourth in line to her country's throne and the baby of the family but she donned a truly spectacular wedding gown to wed Chris O' Neill in Stockholm on June 8th 2013. The white lace trimmed dress is one of the most famous royal marriage gowns ever and gets prettier with every viewing. Madeleine will never be a queen but thanks to Valentino, when it comes to royal weddings, she rules.


2.  Marie-Chantal of …

The future of their kingdoms

Amongst all the photos of a royal summer that have emerged so far, one stood out in particular. It showed Queen Margrethe II of Denmark with her grandson, Prince Christian, the boy who will one day rule her kingdom. It is a reminder of the span that royalty has across the generations and also of the special relationship that royal grandparents and grandchildren have. Because for ever monarch, somewhere amongst that second generation is the child who will grow up to wear a crown.

Margrethe and Christian of Denmark Grasten,. July 2015
Just days earlier, we had seen the Queen with her only great grandson (so far) and the boy who will one day inherit the Monarchy which she has worked so hard to stabilise. The image of George of Cambridge with Elizabeth II outside a country church in Norfolk was a real photo for the history books - a little boy, not quite two, and his great grandmother, just shy of ninety, caught in a moment of family fun that also captured forever a ruler with her successor…

Oh Baby, it's summer

The children are taking over. In the absence of major royal activity there's been a flurry of photos of the next royal generation. Just days after George sent the internet crazy in a photo he may well not even remember being taken, Prince Nicolas of Sweden has done the same. Pictured at around a month old in his mother's arms, the new photos of the Duke of Angermanland have proved to be another royal baby hit.

Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Prince of Sweden, sleeps in his mother's arms
It's just the second time we've seen Nicolas since his birth in June but he's already looking bigger and sporting a decent head of hair. And he's keeping with the latest royal trends as well - these photos were released to the world via Princess Madeleine's Facebook page.  Social media is fast becoming the royals' communication of choice.

Chris, Madeleine and Nicolas in a family portrait released on the princess' Facebook page
His next big appearance will come at his christen…

A Valentino bride

She's not the first bride to wed in a royal setting while wearing Valentino and but this weekend her golden pink gown was the only one in town. Beatrice Borromeo married Pierre Casiraghi, youngest son of Princess Caroline, at the Prince's Palace in Monaco at the weekend and her designer was among the first to share a photo of the event on Twitter.

The dress was a huge hit attracting over 60,000 likes in less than two days. The pale pink and gold chiffon gown, chosen for the civil ceremony, had been kept under wraps with only the briefest glimpse of the bride before the ceremony as she arrived in style but shrouded from view.  In an image of the couple on a balcony after the ceremony the long loveliness of the dress could be seen as could the flowers chosen by Beatrice to wear in her hair.

The House of Valentino is pleased to announce that Beatrice Borromeo wore a Valentino Haut… — Valentino (@MaisonValentino) July 26, 2015


The Royal Wardrobe: pale and very interesting

There wasn't much on display from the Royal Wardrobe this week but the few pieces we saw were pale and rather interesting. Queen Letizia won lots of praise for turning out in a favourite white outfit for her visit to Milan. The sleeveless top with sleek skirt was the perfect match for the sunshine as were the curls she added to the now famous bob.

She added another new favourite, her snakeskin strappy sandals for a summer look.

View image |

Also feeling summery this week was Crown Princess Mary of Denmark who went for a white blouse with a long navy skirt with an interesting split for her holiday photo call at Grasten.

View image |

 she was bright in the colours of her country's national flag the day before when she chose a red and white print mini skirt and top combo to watch the Changing of the Guard after the Royal Family's arrival at Grasten.

View image |
For her big appearance in the week, National Day in Belgium, Queen Mat…

Royals on social media

As summer takes over, royal social media is quietening down. But just when you think it's all but disappeared, a certain little prince turns two and the retweets start flying. This week has been all about Prince George but as well as celebrations we've had a bit of seaside fun and quite a lot of food. Here's the royal week on social media.

Princes in charge He might have looked rather pensive in his sister's christening photos but in an image taken on the same day and released on the Kensington Palace Twitter account the day before he turned two, Prince George of Cambridge was all smiles. The portrait, taken by Mario Testino on July 5th, has already been retweeted almost 9,000 times.

Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway all headed to a cultural day during the week but it was Prince Sverre Magnus who stole the show, starring in a photo with a bow and arrow that was shared on the official Facebook page.

Prince Cha…

The start of the summer

It really is the start of the summer once the Danish Royal Family have posed for their traditional holiday photo. The press call took place this year in the park at Grasten Castle where Queen Margrethe II and her consort, Henrik, were joined by their eldest son and his wife and children. Three generations of monarchs together, one queen and two kings in waiting.

The Danish Royal Family Grasten, July 25th 2015
Prince Henrik took centre stage in the group photo with his eldest son's two sons on either side of him. Margrethe sat slightly to the side and the whole family seemed somewhat subdued as they took part in this summer ritual.

The pensive royals - Margrethe II of Denmark and her family on their annual summer holiday
The younger members of the party had moments of high spirits as Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine - still sporting her cast after having broken her arm earlier this summer - tried a little running and there were a few laughs. But the atmosphere was quiet and …

5 queens called Matilda

As Belgium celebrates its national day and the second anniversary of the accession of King Philippe, it's also marking two years of having a home grown queen called Mathilde. The name was once a royal favourite but is rare in regal circles now. Here are 5 women who became queens called Matilda.

1. Mathilde of the Belgians Mathilde Marie Christian Ghislaine was born the daughter of a baron in 1973. She worked as a speech therapist until her engagement to the the heir to the throne of Belgium was announced in 1999. Her marriage was the last royal wedding of the 20th century and following that she spent ten years building a reputation as a solid and reliable royal so by the time her husband became king in 2013 much of the focus on how well his reign would go was on Mathilde.

Since then she's proved herself an able consort and is working hard to bring her four children - Elisabeth, Gabriel, Emmanuel and Eleonore - into the world of royal engagements at a pace that suits them. Math…

Springing to the Queen's defence

The result isn't really that much of a surprise. The poll this week asked if the Sun was right to publish childhood photos of the Queen appearing to show her giving a Nazi salute. The result was an overwhelming no.

In fact, 100% of respondents said that the images - taken in 1933 just after Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany but before the full horrors of the Nazi regime were evident to anyone - should never have been put on the front page of the newspaper. General consensus seems to agree. A potentially damaging story for the Royal Family has been averted.

George's paper empire

It's not quite the blanket coverage he got for his birth or the almost universal front pages that greeted his first birthday but as he turned two, Prince George of Cambridge still made plenty of headlines. The official photo taken by Mario Testino stared out from several big name papers as the third in line to the throne celebrated his second birthday and his first as a big brother.

George, future king, dominates the front of the Daily Telegraph on his second birthday
There wasn't too much for the papers to say about the birthday - the details of the little prince's celebrations were being kept under wraps. But the new official photo certainly turned enough heads to make it on to a hat trick of front pages.

And although some writers put pen to paper to warn the Cambridges of the 'terrible twos' the general coverage was happy, light and photo centred.

Last year he hit more front pages with a bit more coverage but then turning one always makes more of a mark than turn…

A tale of two birthdays

Two princes, two birthdays, two very different destinies. While Prince Felix of Denmark became a teenager today, the world was much more interested in a toddler who was turning two. George Alexander Louis of Cambridge and Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian of Denmark might both have July 22nd birthdays but with a crown only awaiting one of them the response to their celebrations is always going to be different.

Prince Felix of Denmark turns 13 on July 22nd 2015 (photo and Steen Brogaard)
Felix, second son of the second son of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, is currently eighth in line to his country's throne - his highest position in the line of succession was fourth. He will probably never reign and as he grows older his royal role becomes more and more reduced. George, first son of the first son of the first son of Elizabeth II, was born to rule. From the moment he arrived - 4.24pm in case you'd forgotten - a crown, one of the most famous in history, awaited him. Two…

It's party time for King Philippe

It's not every day you get to celebrate your second anniversary as a reigning monarch. In fact, the club of people who get to do this at all is fairly limited to say the least. But when your big day co-incides with a national day then the party is much easier to throw. Which is why Philippe of the Belgians had such a good time on July 21st.

King Philippe of the Belgians with a wellwisher on the second anniversary of his reign July 21st 2015, Brussels

It was always the intention once his father, Albert II, surprised everyone by announcing his own abdication in 2013 that the handover would happen on Belgium's National Day so that the change of kings could be a national event with everyone already off work to join the celebrations. It also meant that Philippe's anniversary as king would always be a party as his fellow country men and women have that date in their diaries every year for a party. And in 2015, the plan went perfectly.

View image |

The celebrations b…

8 times Kate has worn yellow

The Kate Effect has seen sales of yellow dresses soar by over 200%. The rise - 208% to be precise - came after the Duchess of Cambridge wore a yellow print Jenny Packham dress to present her daughter to the world just ten hours after giving birth to her. But it's not the first time that Kate has gone all sunshine on us. Here are eight times the duchess has worn yellow.

1.  Sunshine in Sydney It's one of Kate's standout looks and it will take some beating. When she stepped off the plane in Australia in 2014, the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing a bright yellow Roksanda Ilincic dress and rather fabulous it looked too. The knee length dress, paired with nude shoes, was a stunner of a look and very modern and rather different from some of Kate's more traditional picks. A winner by a mile.

2. Sparkle in Scotland Just after her first wedding anniversary, Kate attended the annual Thistle ceremony in Edinburgh where she donned a pale yellow coat dress. The outfit itself was ra…

New photo of Prince George released

Kensington Palace has released a new photo of Prince George ahead of his second birthday and be warned, it's fabulous. The boy who will be king may have looked rather subdued in his sister's christening photos, taken by Mario Testino at Sandringham on July 5th, but then this picture from that day arrived. What's not to love about the cheeky grin, the lunge for the camera and the sheer joy on his face and that of his dad, William.

Look who's turning two tomorrow! — Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) July 21, 2015

George of Cambridge by Mario Testino released to mark his second birthday
It will adds another official photo to the official album of the boy who is officially third in line to the throne and most likely to be King of England a century from now. Here's a look back at the other times George has posed, officially, for the camera.

A hair raising experience for this little heir in waiting as he posed for Mar…