Royal Birthdays in March: the House of Windsor

The House of Windsor has a hat trick of high profile royal babies who arrived in March among its current members. And the good news is that they all celebrate towards the middle or end of the month so you've got plenty of time yet to get the post. While you pick out patterns and think of jolly messages, here's a look at the House of Windsor's March royal babies.....

The Earl of Wessex
Born March 10th 1964

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Birthday Royal HRH The Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis, Earl of Wessex

Candles on the cake this year 54

Royal story in a sentence Prince Edward was born on March 10th 1964 at Buckingham Palace, the youngest child of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and after a Cambridge education and a famous flirtation with the arts, he has become a hard working member of the Royal Family who carries out hundreds of engagements every year.

Most likely to Celebrate with a low key party hosted by his always lovely wife, Sophie, and their two rather glorious children, Louise (14) and James (10).

Princess Eugenie of York
Born March 23rd 1990

Birthday royal HRH Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York

Candles on the cake this year 28

Royal story in a sentence Eugenie, born on March 23rd 1990 at the Portland Hospital in London, is the younger daughter of Andrew, Duke of York and his former wife, Sarah, and after university in Newcastle she now works for an art firm.

Most likely to...spend the day planning her next big celebration - Eugenie will marry long term partner, Jack Brooksbank, in October this year.

Isla Phillips
Born March 29th 2012

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Birthday royal Isla Elizabeth Phillips

Candles on the cake this year 6

Royal story in a sentence While you might catch a glimpse of the Queen's second great grandchild at big royal events like Trooping the Colour, Isla leads a very quiet life with her parents, Peter and Autumn Phillips, who welcomed their younger child on March 29th 2012 at the Royal Gloucestershire Hospital.

Most likely to....keep it real with ice cream, crisps and lots of friends running round shouting...this is a 6th birthday we're talking about.


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