Brothers and Best Men

In perhaps the least surprising royal announcement of recent times, Kensington Palace has confirmed that Prince Harry has asked big brother, William, to be his best man. As he stands at the altar on May 19th, waiting for his bride, Harry will have at his side the man who has been at his side from the get go. Brothers and Best Men.

The announcement was made using that rather lovely photo of the two young princes dressed as policemen that Kensington Palace first shared last summer in the run up to the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.  It's all about togetherness, that shared bond, that which will unite them through the whole of their lives. A rather special snap to mark a rather special announcement.

The news also means that we now know that William, President of the Football Association, won't be at the FA Cup Final on May 19th. Even though kick off is at 5pm and the wedding at noon, the chances of him being there in time to sing 'Abide With Me' were slim. Brothers come first, football can wait.

We get more details of the bridal party in the coming weeks (can we have the baby name, first, KP?) but for now, even though we were all expecting the news, this confirmation that the brothers will once more stand shoulder to shoulder at a major moment in their lives (Harry was, of course, best man to William in 2011) is another reason that the royal wedding has made us smile.


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