Monday, 24 February 2014

Zara's daughter becomes a headline act

The decision of the Queen's granddaughter, Zara Phillips, to show off her baby girl in a photospread in Hello magazine has raised eyebrows.  Zara's brother, Peter, famously sold his wedding pictures to the magazine and received quite a bit of stick as a result.  Questions were raised about the fact that the photos, for which Peter received around £500,000, included images of other members of the royal family and it was reported that the Queen was not overly amused.  Zara Phillips' decision to show her little girl off in Hello doesn't involve any other member of the royals but it has led to some criticism.

Sixteenth in line to the throne and the fourth great grandchild of Elizabeth II, Mia Grace Tindall makes her debut on the front of Hello magazine

It's led to more questions about royals making deals with magazines.  But while the first image of Mia may have caused a stir, there's one thing that won't raise any questions.  Who she looks like. Little Miss Tindall is the image of her granny, Princess Anne, famous for her scary stare.  So if anyone wants to take the Tindall family to task for their deal with Hello, just watch out for the youngest member.  And the knock them out at fifty paces stare that she's inherited from her royal grandmother.  

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