Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Letizia's TV drama

Luckily, there was no chance of the royal visitors spoiling the ending for viewers of a TV drama in Spain.  Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia popped along to watch filming of the final scenes of 'Isabel' in which the heroine dies.  But as the story being told is that of Queen Isabella of Castile, one of Spain's most famous monarchs, who died in 1504 they were never in any danger of letting any storyline secrets out of the bag.

Felipe and Letizia with a peaky looking Isabella of Castile and a perky looking Ferdinand of Aragon during their visit to the filming of the TV series telling the story of their lives

Apparently, the future king has been a big fan of this royal TV drama for a while and has been desperate to pop in to watch it being made for a while.  The royal couple watched the filming of one of the most dramatic scenes so far before meeting the cast and crew of the programme and posing for a group photo.  Let's hope they, and the many photographers that followed them, managed to keep out of shot during the visit otherwise the royal TV drama might have more royals in it than expected.

 The cast and crew of 'Isabel' pose with their royal visitors

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