Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A royal welcome for sporting heroes

Spain's royals welcome their country's Olympic and Paralympic stars to a celebration of their achievements in Rio
(photo casareal Twitter)

Spain's royals didn't make it to Rio but they did make sure the doors of their royal residences were thrown open to congratulate the athletes who starred for their country at the Olympics and Paralympics. King Felipe, Queen Letizia and the Infanta Elena hosted a reception in Madrid today for Spain's Rio stars.

The Olympic and Paralympic atheletes were welcomed to the Pardo Palace in Madrid where they were personally congratulated by the royals.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia were catching up with some of the Olympic stars they had seen off at the airport as they made their way to Rio.

Infanta Elena, her arm still in a cast from a riding accident in August, is the Honorary President of the Paralympic Committee of Spain and greeted the Rio stars as old friends.

King Felipe made a speech in which he told them they had brought joy to the homes of millions of Spanish people watching them as they claimed titles and medals and he told them how proud everyone was of what they had achieved.

The royals got a chance to see the hard won medals close up, hear the stories of Rio and celebrate with the sports stars who had made the summer so memorable. They might not have been there when the victory was won, but Spain's royals are determined to celebrate their country's sporting success.

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