Monday, 26 September 2016

Royal Visit Canada Wardrobe: Day Two

The Duchess of Cambridge on day two of her visit to Canada
(photo Government of British Columbia via Flickr)

Canada meant two things were guaranteed when it came to Kate's wardrobe. First, there was bound to be at least one appearance by the Maple Leaf Brooch and we got a glimpse of that as the plane door opened. Secondly, there was always going to be at least one red and white outfit in homage to the country's colours and day two ticked that box for us. Royal Visit Canada is doing everything we hoped.

But that was about as traditional as this outfit got. While day one was all about the Kate staples of smart fitted dress and crown hugging hat, day two gave us wild prints and pleats. Say thank you to the House of Alexander McQueen.

The McQueen dress was a real departure for Kate and all the better for it. The buttoned up top is edgy and very modern while the skirt is a revelation. It's short (just above the knee) and formed of two tiers with the first ruffling out from the white waistband and the second adding more width. Both have scalloped edges.

Kate kept the rest of the look very simple - the best move when the print is doing all the talking here. There was a plain red clutch bag and bright red suede shoes with minimal jewellery.

This look is about as fresh and fashion forward as we've seen from Kate and she wore it very well indeed. It has an edge to it that isn't necessarily always there when the Duchess of Cambridge does dresses while the long sleeves showed that sensible Kate is never far away - it was a cool day after all.

Kate's first red and white outfit, worn on Canada Day in 2011, is among her most iconic. The white dress with red hat features in some of the best known photos of her around. This dress might not quite match it for staying power but it has put Kate at the front of the royal fashion pack. Bring on day three.

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