Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Queen Mathilde in Jordan

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians during her humanitarian visit to Jordan
(photo Monarchie Belge Twitter)

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians has spent several days in Jordan to learn more about the humanitarian effort to help refugees. Mathilde was there to get a fuller idea of how those fleeing Syria are being helped and how Belgian support is aiding that.

The trip began on October 23rd when Mathilde touched down in Amman. Her first engagements included a meeting with Filippo Grani, the UK High Commissioner for Refugees. The following day, October 24th, Queen Mathilde headed to the Zaatari Camp in Jordan to hear about the humanitarian work going on. There was a particular focus on mental health issues and the psychological support being given to people who have had to flee their homes. She also spent time at the Makani Camp for Syrian refugees to hear about the emotional and psychological support being given to Syrian children and heard about the different ways technology is being used to improve conditions and look after refugees.

Mathilde also got the chance to meet Syrian families who are being helped to build new lives in Jordan and heard about the support they get to integrate into their new communities.

Queen Mathilde caught up with old friend, Queen Rania, as her visit got into full swing. As the Belgian visit came to an end, the two queens headed to the Jordan River Foundation showroom which provides employment opportunities for women and produces traditional textiles and crafts.

Queen Mathilde's visit concluded with a series of meetings including an encounter with the heads of UN agencies working with the Jordanian government on the refugee situation and an audience with  the Jordanian Prime Minister, Dr Hani Al Mulqi. At the start of her visit, Mathilde said she wanted to shine a spotlight on the issues surrounding education and healthcare for refugees, issues that are important to her through her work as a UN ambassdor for sustainable development. Her visit has ensured attention and support - mission accomplished for Mathilde.

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