State Dinner Sparklers: Luxembourg welcomes Portugal

The Portuguese State Visit to Luxembourg might not be the highest profile royal event of recent weeks but it's packing sparkly punch. Once we'd all stopped wondering why Stephanie has taken to holding her increasingly large clutch bags in front of her tummy over the past week or so, we got down to some serious diamond counting. There were no big surprises but plenty of stones - here are the State Dinner Sparklers when Luxembourg welcomed Portugal.

The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg chose one of her family's best known tiaras as she hosted the State Dinner for Portugal's President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on May 23rd 2017. The Belgian Scroll Tiara was a wedding present from the Societe Generale Bank of Belgium to Princess Josephine-Charlotte when she married Jean of Luxembourg in 1953. When a bank gives you a tiara, you can be sure it's going to impress and this diamond diadem does just that. It contains over 850 diamonds set in a scroll motif, rising to a central point. 

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie chose a diamond tiara that's become a bit of a go to for her in recent years. This diadem features diamond butterflies - yes, a tiara made up of sparkling butterflies, sort of every young girl's princess dream come true. It's a very modern piece and very delicate, verging on the low key. Fortunately, it contains so many diamonds that it's never going to get lost and it has a real air of summer about it. Besides, that bag was fluttering very close to the tummy again and given the amount of interest Stephanie's stomach has taken in recent years, there are no diamonds in the world that are going to compete with this bit of royal watching. 

Photos: President of Portugal press