The first Garden Party of Summer - the Photo Album

There's cake so it must be garden party season - Buckingham Palace opens its doors for the summer

Summer must be on its way, the first Buckingham Palace Garden Party of the season has taken place. The Queen welcomed 8,000 people to her London home this afternoon for tea and cakes in a sign that the sunniest season of the year is almost here. Settle back and enjoy the pictures from a right royal summer tradition.

Joined by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl of Wessex, the Princess Royal and Princess Beatrice of York, the Queen hosted thousands in an event that's become a traditional way of recognising and thanking people from across the country for their contributions to community and social life.

The parties began in the 1860s in the reign of Queen Victoria. The present Queen has been involved in changing them into the celebration and recognition they are today.

Two more parties will take place in London this year and another at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. 


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