Friday, 16 June 2017

Diana's Dresses: pretty in pink

Diana's dresses are among the most famous in the world and her evolution as a princess and a person can be told through their style and chic. The exhibition of her outfits at Kensington Palace celebrates her life in the year that we mark 20 years since her death and it includes some of her most famous gowns. This month, I'm taking a look at ten of my favourite pieces from the display. Now it's time to head back to the Eighties again and get Pretty in Pink.

Catherine Walker was a go to designer for Diana for many years and this pale pink evening dress is among the best known of the pieces she created for the princess. It hit Diana's wardrobe just as she hit her fashion stride - when it debuted in 1987, the princess was a style icon like no other and more and more confident in her look every day.

Diana wore this outfit to the Berlin Opera House during her visit to Germany in 1987. That's right, this dress was first seen thirty years ago, before the Berlin Wall came down. It is very, very Eighties from the tux style off the shoulder collar to the massive skirt and fabulous pastel pink shininess. This is a gown from the decade that knew how to put on a show and no one did that better than Diana. But it was a very royal show and this frock was so regal it ended up being worn in the iconic Terence Donovan portrait of the Prince and Princess of Wales. The dress was auctioned in 1997 when Diana sold off much of her wardrobe for charity but returns to Kensington Palace in the exhibtion, Her Fashion Story.

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