Monday, 26 June 2017

State Sparklers: National Day in Luxembourg

OK, it's not a State Dinner but it's a national event and there are tiaras. Let's not split hairs. The gala dinner for Luxembourg's National Day is always a glittering affair except this year there was slightly less sparkle as the royal representation at the event was limited to just the Grand Duke and Duchess and the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess. Big sighs all round as, let's face it, Luxembourg's tiara collection is one of the best around and this is a major chance for a big dip and dive into it. Never mind. We still got two sparklers which is better than nothing. Here are the tiaras that starred on National Day in Luxembourg 2017.

No real surprises from Maria Teresa who went for that old favourite, the Belgian Scroll Tiara. But when your go to is an all diamond diadem containing over 850 stones including a whopper in the middle that would knock the carat count of many another European tiara out of the park, what's not to love? The Belgian Scroll Tiara was a wedding gift to Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte who was a Princess of Belgium and picked up this little beauty from her country's national bank on her marriage. It's been a favourite of her daughter in law for several years now and no wonder. It's a diamond dazzler and goes with everything.  Maria Teresa matched it this time round with a rather lovely red lace dress.

Stephanie has got a tiara on, you just have to peer really hard. One thing about tiaras is that they need tiara hair, that style that only belongs to royalty. Stephanie's take on that this time round ended up swallowing her sparkler almost completely. Stare hard enough and you will see the family's Amethyst Tiara struggling to make an appearance.

The tiara is a bandeau style piece composed of  amethysts interspersed with small pearls. Stephanie added the huge necklace that comes as part of the Amethyst Parure and a dress so purple it could be seen from space. It's always good to see a bit of jewel and dress matching going but we've kind of hit mauve overkill here. Still, a tiara is a tiara and they've been thin on the ground this year. Our small selection from Luxembourg's National Day is a welcome dose of sparkle.

Photo credit: Claude Piscitelli

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