Monday, 12 June 2017

Kate visits those hurt in London Bridge attack

The Duchess of Cambridge meets hospital staff who treated those affected by the London Bridge terror attack
(photo @KingsCollegeNHS Twitter)

The Duchess of Cambridge has spent the afternoon at King's College Hospital in London to visit some of those injured in the terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market on June 3rd 2017. During her time at the hospital, Kate also met many of those who had cared for the victims - in the immediate aftermath and the days afterwards. And she ended her afternoon hearing about the psychological support they will all be offered in the future.

The Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the hospital in the early afternoon and her first port of call was to meet many of the doctors, nurses and support staff who were on hand to provide emergency care as the injured first arrived.

Kate heard about their work on the night of the attack and in the days afterwards before going on to meet some of the patients still being treated for their injuries at the hospital. 

The Duchess of Cambridge ended her visit hearing about the psychological support which will be offered to all those affected and the importance of ensuring that this help is ongoing and available. Eight people were killed and forty eight injured in the attack on London Bridge and Borough Market. Fourteen were admitted to King's Hospital.

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