Monday, 16 March 2020

Queens in extraordinary times

I haven't been here for a while, what with life and all that. But life has taken a strange turn. The arrival of coronavirus has changed the way we're all looking at things. And we may all well have more time on our hands. So I'm going to use it doing what I love, writing this blog.

For a while, I didn't love writing it so much. It had become a chore. And for a while I put other things in front of it because they seemed more important. But one lesson coming out of this is that we all need to enjoy what we are doing. The prospect of lots of time indoors with loved ones is actually rather nice when you think about it. And not rushing around, doing what we think we should, chasing modern ideas of doing it all is another turn of good fortune. If life slows down, if it becomes more sedate, if we spend more time smelling the flowers and doing the things that make us happy then something good has come of a worrying situation.

So I will write my blog more. And it will be about Queens of England. In the past, I've also enjoyed writing royal news from around the continent but while I'll leave all of that on the blog, the new focus will be the wonderful stories of the women who have been England's queens.

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Queens in extraordinary times