Sunday, 23 November 2014

The king's scoop

His daughter in law began her career as a journalist and now it seems that King Juan Carlos of Spain is taking over where she left with a sporting scoop. Visiting the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix today he chatted happily with reporters and let slip one of the most open secrets in the racing world at the moment - the future of Fernando Alonso.

King Juan Carlos of Spain gave reporters a scoop at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Juan Carlos had arrived at the race to support Alonso and to enjoy the last Grand Prix of the season which saw Lewis Hamilton clinch victory and claim a second world title. But the former monarch caused almost as many headlines by telling reporters all about his chat with Alonso before the race. 'He told me he is going to McLaren' said the king. It's been widely speculated but not officially confirmed - yet. But then if a king says something, surely that must make it so?

Juan Carlos didn't seem to mind his little slip and was later seen driving around the Grand Prix event with Alonso in a golf cart. The news is expected to be firmed up by the firm in the next few days. And Fernando Alonso can add a new claim to fame to his CV - he's the only world champion with a king for his spokesman.

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