Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Queen's Anniversary

For a woman who has spent the most recent part of her reign chalking up major anniversaries, perhaps this one is just another big number on an ever growing list of achievements. But there's no denying that pretty much everyone is impressed and ready to celebrate as the Queen marks her 67th wedding anniversary.

Because everyone should get flowers on their wedding anniversary - the Queen in Moray, 67 years after her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh
(photo RAF Lossiemouth)

It was business as usual for the royal couple with a day of engagements in Scotland to enjoy. The Queen and her husband arrived on the royal train which pulled into Elgin station in the morning and that's when the smiles started. The royals, their hosts and just about everyone they met all day was beaming from ear to ear.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in Scotland as they start year 68 of their marriage
(photo RAF Lossiemouth)

There were two visits in the diary for today - a trip to RAF Lossiemouth and to Kinloss. There was a royal salute at Lossiemouth and the Queen unveiled a plaque to commemorate the beginning of quick alert duties by squadrons based there. 

The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, married Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on November 20th 2014 at Westminster Abbey in front of a congregation of crowned heads and royal guests at a time of austerity in Britain following World War Two, The wedding was seen as a bright moment in grey days. Less than five years later, Elizabeth was queen.

For 67 years they have walked the same path even if Philip has always had to remain one step behind. Theirs is an institution of a marriage but very modern in the way with the wife in the spotlight and the husband in a supporting role. They have remained devoted to one another through happy times and trying times and won the support and admiration of their fellow citizens as they have done it. It may have been business as usual but the joy on their faces gave away that this was a special day. And after 67 years of happy marriage, it's no wonder they're smiling.

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