Eugenie's Royal Wedding: the reactions

Engagements are always happy news and there were plenty of smiles in response to the announcement that Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank, are getting married. Since the moment this morning that they surprised us with their big news, it's been royal watching bliss as reactions have poured in from family and friends. And to round it all off, we got to hear from the couple themselves as they chatted happily on BBC's The One Show this evening. Here's the response, so far, to Royal Wedding 2018, Mark 2.

The first reactions came from the happy couple's parents, natch. Prince Andrew, Duke of York was one seriously proud daddy as he spoke to the BBC soon after announcing that his younger child is getting married. He also tried to put the brakes on the heady excitement of another royal wedding by reminding everyone that diaries are quite tricky to co-ordinate when a) the main guests are all members of the House of Windsor and b) the venue is a major royal residence with an endless stream of visitors. It didn't work. We want the wedding date and we want it now.

The Duke of York also took on the responsibility of sharing the groom's parents thoughts on the wedding. His official Twitter account shared a message from Nicola and George Brooksbank in which they said they were ''over the moon'' for the couple and really very excited about the wedding.

Excited didn't really come close to describing the reaction of the mother of the bride. Fergie started the day in a sublimely surreal mood with a series of tweets that ramped the gush level up to epic. She returned later in the day with another set of sentimental messages that included blurry photos and lots of references to Eugie, her pet name for her younger daughter. 

While Fergie was looking for more photos of Eugenie to turn into Twitter events, the princess herself was on BBC's The One Show with her fiance talking about their romance and wedding. Eugenie revealed that Jack had surprised her with his proposal (which took place in Nicaragua) and added that she cried when he asked her to be his wife. She also revealed that her granny is very happy at the news (but presumably not at the prospect of nine months of Fergie tweets as we wait for the autumn wedding at St. George's Chapel).

Finally, there was a lot of love for the engagement ring which was revealed in a close up all of its own in the official photos taken by Jonathan Brady. Eugenie's sparkler looks a lot like the one worn by her mum with a large red stone surrounded by diamonds. But while Fergie went for a ruby, Eugenie has a padparadscha sapphire at the centre of her ring thus ensuring that thousands of people can now, just about, spell a word they hadn't heard of until this afternoon. It got a general big thumbs up and the link to her parents won lots of love as well. Fortunately, Fergie hasn't tweeted on it yet but that may well be still to come. These are just the first reactions to Eugenie's engagement - roll on Royal Wedding 2018, Mark 2.


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