Meghan Markle's Media Day

For a woman who made her name in the media, perhaps it shouldn't be that surprising that Meghan Markle's first public engagement of 2018 was dominated by communication. Meghan, along with Prince Harry, was a guest at a radio station. But while they heard about this take on the oldest form of broadcast media, a new way of getting the message across was making headlines, too. Yes, Meghan has closed down her social media accounts. Anyone would think she was marrying into royalty or something.

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Let's start with the radio. Marconi might have made talking on the wireless possible over a century ago but Harry and Meghan were seeing a very modern interpretation of this old art form. The couple visited Reprezent FM in Brixton to see their work offering young people training in radio and broadcasting.

The station is at POP Brixton and was set up ten years ago to offer young people development opportunities after a rise in knife crime in the area. It's already helped 4,000 young people by encouraging them to learn skills and get to know each other better.

The couple were given a tour of the station, met plenty of those being helped and doing the helping and were given a tour of a programme by DJ Glory.

They also got the chance for a walkabout which was no small task as a big crowd had turned out to see them.

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As you can see, Kensington Palace shared a lot of information on its official social media accounts. At around the same time, it became clear that Meghan Markle had deleted her own, personal channels on Twitter and Instagram. Yep, you need to have saved that spooning bananas photo if you're planning to write Harry and Meghan: Their Love Story because it is no more. The accounts, which provided several clues to this royal romance, have taken their place in royal history.

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It's not really a surprise. Meghan hasn't posted for ages. Even before her engagement, she hadn't added anything for months. Social media for Meghan is now all about official channels but given the response she got in Brixton and her own response to those she met - she really is a natural, by all accounts - Kensington Palace's Twitter and Instagram are going to be singing with likes and hearts for the newest royal in town for a long time to come.

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