Princess Eugenie is getting married

Princess Eugenie of York is getting married. The Queen's granddaughter is engaged to her partner, Jack Brooksbank, with another Windsor wedding set for this autumn.

The official announcement came in a tweet on the official Royal Family account. A statement from the Duke of York and his former wife, Sarah, said that they were ''delighted to announce the engagement of Princess Eugenie to Mr. Jack Brooksbank''. The couple became engaged in Nicaragua earlier this month and they are to marry at St. George's Chapel, Windsor in the autumn. The official Royal Family Twitter account then shared more information about the engagement along with a rather lovely pic of Eugenie and her fiance.

Eugenie Victoria Helena of York, born on March 23rd 1990, is the second daughter of the Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York. Now eighth in line to the throne, she works at an art gallery in London while her future husband is in hospitality (handy for the reception). The couple have been together for several years and engagement rumours first swirled about them in 2016. The confirmation that they are getting married ended with the promise of more details of the wedding in due course.

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It's not yet known if there will be official engagement photos for Eugenie and Jack but we will definitely see them together now at St. George's Chapel in May when the Queen's future grandson in law will accompany his fiancee to that other royal wedding going on this year. Eugenie was seen at the weekend going to church with her granny and it's no wonder the Queen was beaming from ear to ear as she walked in the snow with the princess. Happy news like that is worth celebrating. And it turns out that in 2018, royal weddings are just like buses. You wait years for one and then two arrive within weeks of each other. That's what we like and long may it continue. Congratulations to Eugenie and Jack.


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