Monday, 20 October 2014

An April baby for Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced that their second child is due in April.  The duchess' pregnancy was already public knowledge after she was forced to retire from public engagements at the start of September as she was affected by Hyperemsis Gravidarum.  The official release from Kensington Palace today confirms what many people's maternity maths had already worked out - the next member of the House of Cambridge will be a spring baby.

Soon to be four - the Cambridge family will welcome its newest member in April 2015

The announcement also lays rest to twin rumours as it states quite clearly that the couple are expecting 'a baby'.  And it also confirms that while she is feeling better, the duchess continues to experience severe morning sickness.  However, she is now well enough to take on duties and will make her first public appearance since her pregnancy was revealed when she and the Duke of Cambridge welcome the President of Singapore and his wife at the start of their State Visit on October 21st 2014.  

Kate's last public appearance was on August 5th when she visited the Tower of London
(photo Historic Royal Palaces)

And after a brief lull, it seems that royal baby mania part two will start all over again with the increase in public appearances by Kate.  The future queen will live her second pregnancy, as she did her first, in the public eye and all eyes will be on her when she welcomes her April baby.

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