Sunday, 19 October 2014

Kate's great expectations

It's been over two months since she was last seen in public but hopes are high that the Duchess of Cambridge will be well enough to take up engagements again and be part of the welcome for the President of Singapore when he arrives for a State Visit on October 21st.  At the moment, it's expected that Kate will be present as the trip gets under way this Tuesday. And while she may not have been seen for almost ten weeks, the duchess has kept everyone talking in her absence.

Kate could be back on duty in just a few days' time
(photo Clarence House Instagram)

Kate was last seen out and about on August 5th when she visited the poppies installation at the Tower of London with William and Harry.  Just weeks later, on September 8th, it was announced that the duchess was expecting her second child and suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum - just as she did with George.  Since then several high profile appearances have had to be cancelled including her first overseas solo tour to Malta - her husband took her place on that one.

Prince William during his trip to Malta where he stood in for his wife

In the meantime, there has been plenty of Kate chatter to keep everyone busy.  Newsweek did a survey in which they found out just 1% of people asked wanted to be the duchess.  And there has been endless speculation around the world that Kate is pregnant with a baby girl or even twins.  It's also been reported that the duchess, who was admitted to hospital because of her severe morning sickness with Prince George, has gone home to her mum to recover this time round.

Kate's pregnancy has already been the source of endless speculation and she's only just approaching the twelve week mark

So if the duchess does appear on Tuesday there's little doubt that there will be even more talk, attention and interest in what she's doing.  It's not just a case of getting back to work for Kate, it's all about the great expectations that accompany everything the duchess does.

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