Saturday, 25 October 2014

Royals on social media, week ending October 25th 2014

The Queen tweeted.  There was other social media presence this week but let's face it when Elizabeth II takes over Twitter everything else takes a back seat.

Watching history unfold - the Queen moments after sending her first tweet
(photo Science Museum Twitter)

Here's a round up of what the Royal Courts of Europe posted on their official social media accounts this week.

Major moments

The Queen tweeting was an historic moment in royal history as, for the first time, a social media message was sent with the signature Elizabeth R.  The tweet came from the British Monarchy's official account and so far has been retweeted 34,000 times and been favourited 35,000 times.

The Spanish Royal Household announced in the week that the Prince of Asturias Prizes, begun in 1980, would soon be changing their names. As of 2015 they will be known as the Princess of Asturias Prizes in honour of the new heiress to the throne, Leonor. Her parents presented the annual awards in Oviedo this week and Casa Real TV, the official You Tube channel, shared several videos of the event including one of the arrival of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia.

Prince Daniel of Sweden helped mark Sweden's Transplant Day which celebrated fifty years since the first kidney transplant in the country. The prince underwent a kidney transplant in 2009 when he received a new organ from his father.  And the official Facebook page shared images of Daniel with his dad and mum at the event.

The written word

The King of the Belgians received the letters of credence from several new ambassadors in the week and images of these important events were shared on the official Belgian Monarchy Twitter account.

There was a social media save the date for a big royal wedding in the week as the Swedish Royal Household posted information about the wedding of Prince Carl Philip on its official Facebook page. The marriage takes place in Stockholm on June 13th 2015.

There was another major royal announcement shared on Twitter in the week when Clarence House issued a statement confirming that the second baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is due in April.

Overseas visit

The Crown Prince and Princess of Norway made a visit to Jordan in the week to see the work going on to help Syrian refugees in the country.  The Royal Household's official You Tube channel shared a video of them during their time in the country. 

Princess Astrid of Belgium visited Colombia in the week and the official Twitter feed retweeted images shared by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the trip.

Behind the scenes

Ahead of his speech at the Prince of Asturias Awards, King Felipe VI was shown putting the finishing touches to his words in an image shared on the official Twitter account.

The State Visit by the President of Singapore to the United Kingdom in the week got plenty of coverage and amidst the photos of the Queen, her guests and the Duchess of Cambridge (who made her first public appearance since the announcement of her second pregnancy) the British Monarchy Instagram account shared lots of images of the food being served up to guests at the State Banquet.

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