Friday, 12 December 2014


Today, Belgium will say farewell to Queen Fabiola. Her funeral takes place in Brussels this morning.  The consort of Baudouin died on December 5th 2014 at the age of 86. She was loved by her country and her family and the grief at her passing has been palpable and the tributes paid to her filled with joy and thanks. Fabiola loved her adopted country and her family and her affection for them has shone through as her life story as been written over and over again in obituaries this week. But above all, Fabiola loved Baudouin and no one loved her more than her husband. King Albert II once said that Baudouin and Fabiola were inseparable in people's minds and that is how they now remain as their story comes to an end.

And so into history - Baudouin and Fabiola, King and Queen of the Belgians

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