Friday, 5 August 2016

A sedate photocall in Spain

Spain's royals took part in a low key photo call this summer in Mallorca
(photo call still)

It was low key, understated and touched by politics - pretty much like their whole year so far.  Spain's Royal Family have taken part in their traditional summer pose in  but while other August evenings have been filled with chatter, this was all about a quiet sit down in the park.


King Felipe, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia smiled for the cameras as their summer home at the Marivent Palace.


They stepped in front of the lenses just after 7.30pm local time when the light was starting to fade and wandered into view through a line of trees.

Just like last year, this pose was focused on a little sit down but while Spain's royals got cosy on a wall in 2015, this year they picked a bench where they gathered for the traditional photo call.

Leonor, now 10, and Sofia, 8, seemed very relaxed in front of the cameras while the family had a bit of a stripey blue theme going through their outfits. 

This was an image of togetherness for a royal house that has had its fair share of problems in recent times. Just like the photos of Felipe with his parents and sister last week and of the whole family, bar Cristina, earlier in the week, these images are all about the happy side of a house still facing turbulence.

King Felipe of Spain has had a busy start to his annual break at the Marivent Palace. As well as the usual audiences for local politicians and dignitaries, he's also been needed in Madrid where talks continue to try and form a government, weeks after the second set of general elections which were needed following months of stalemate following the ballot in December.

As he posed with his family, Felipe was asked about whether a resolution was close but the King of Spain batted the question away for another day. This was about summer.

This year's photocall was quick with the family taking the time to shake the hands of many of the journalists and photographers who had come along for the annual event.

The royals wandered back to the palace where they will stay for a few more days. King Felipe says he's hopeful of taking part in some of the sailing planned for the coming week and there are reports in the Spanish press of a private holiday to follow.

In the meantime, there is another set of photos to add to the Marivent Summer Album and 2016 will go down as the quietest year there for some time.

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