Queen Victoria's coronet in the balance

Queen Victoria in her sapphire coronet in a famous portrait by Winterhalter from 1842

One of Queen Victoria's most famous coronets has been placed under an export ban after a buyer asked to remove it from the UK. ThIt's hoped that the ban, in place until December 27th,  will allow enough time for a new purchaser inside the UK to be found - but they will need around £6 million pounds to secure this part of royal history.

The coronet as seen today - an export ban until December offers four months to find a UK buyer for the piece

The coronet, designed by Albert for his wife, is made of sparkling diamonds set in silver interspersed with eleven large sapphires all set in gold. It was designed to match a sapphire and diamond brooch given to Victoria by her new husband at the time of their marriage. It was famously worn by Victoria in a portrait in 1842.  This was clearly a piece of great sentimental value to Britain's second longest reigning monarch for when she chose to attend the State Opening of Parliament for the first time since Albert's death, she wore this coronet for the occasion.

The export ban has been put in place until December 27th 2016 with the committee which advised on the matter describing the coronet as ''one of the most iconic jewels from a pivotal period in our history.'' We'll find out just after Christmas whether the first great token of love of one of the great royal love stories is to remain in the UK.


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