Thursday, 4 August 2016

Royal Rio 2016: Anne and Andy, a double act in the making

The Princess Royal and Wimbledon champion Andy Murray at a photo call for Team GB at the Rio Olympics
(photo Royal Family Twitter still)

As a former Olympian, she's got bragging rights when it comes to getting things at the Games just right. And the Princess Royal wasn't going to let Team GB's flag bearer get away with his rather awkward attempts to get the Union Jack and the whole squad into a photo with just hours to go before the Olympics  started. As Andy Murray juggled the flag, the Princess Royal joined in with the giggles and produced a double act in the making.

And for my next trick...the Princess Royal and Andy Murray turn flag bearing into a new Olympic sport

Andy Murray is capping a great year that's already featured a second Wimbledon win by being chosen to carry the flag into the Olympic stadium at the opening ceremony in Rio. But he might have been glad of the dry run at the photo call for Team GB as his attempts to place the Union Jack in the middle of the photo ended up with him obscuring the Princess Royal who then joined in by pretending to hide behind the flag.

The Princess Royal was at a reception at the British House in Rio for Team GB - she is their president - and as well as a smile at the flag bearing tactics of the squad, she also had words of support as they begin their mission to bring home a haul of medals as impressive as London 2012. And if they were any doubt that she was on their side then her good natured mocking of a sports superstar showed how well behind them she is. Anne and Andy are a double act in the making. 

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