Friday, 26 August 2016

Royal Rio 2016: the king of photographs

The King of Sweden brings his trusty camera along as he and Queen Silvia congratulate Peder Fredericson on his silver medal in equestrianism in Rio 2016
(photo kungahuset Instagram)

Royals are used to having their photos taken, it's an occupational hazard. But in Rio, King Carl XVI Gustaf made sure he enjoyed life on both sides of the lens. For wherever Sweden's monarch went, so did his camera. Let's hope he's got a great eye for detail because this is one seriously chunky photo album that the family is going to have to sit through on the lengthening evenings. It might well help get the grandkids to sleep but judging from these images of the king of photographs, his queen has already had enough.

It's the early part of the Swedish King and Queen's visit and Carl Gustaf is just limbering up. Silvia looks resigned but patient, her husband is more than ready to start snapping, Stand by everyone.

In fact, at the start of the Olympics visit, Silvia was just as ready to take some snaps for the family back home as the Swedish royal games began.

Just hours in to their stay and the Queen of Sweden notices her husband is already up to 500 photos and counting. Cal Gustaf is surprised it's so high but then every keen photographers knows you need every angle and shots that will look good with a generic sepia tone applied for a nostalgic feel.

Even when not taking photos, the King of Sweden is in snapper mode. While the rest of us are going 'aah' over another appearance from the Estelle phone cover carried by Queen Silvia, Carl Gustaf is clearly more concerned with the perspective and set up of his wife's photo. You just know he said something almost straight away afterwards.

Silvia of Sweden continues regardless while her husband settles back to some more photo taking. Maxima, meanwhile, writes a quick note to remind her and anyone who needs to know that the subject of Rio picture albums is off bounds with Carl Gustaf until his Golden Jubilee. In 2023.

Silvia, Silvia, Silvia. We all feel your pain. When a man is photographing without even looking at the viewfinder, you know we've hit a new level of snapping frenzy.

The tally is now up to 2,456 and by the look on everyone's faces, the King of Sweden has just sent out for a new memory card.

'You've already taken ten of this,' comes the advice. It's falling on deaf ears. This king has a camera and a world sporting event unfolding in front of him. There are pictures that must be taken.

Yep, he's still at it and now we're moving the camera around. Silvia's face says it all.


If you can't beat them, join them. Either that, or there is a group text going out to the whole family - if Dad say 'photos' then run.

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