Saturday, 28 January 2017

8 off guard photos from the Royal Week

When they weren't smiling for the camera this week, they were making us smile with off guard photos

A picture paints a thousands words and sometimes raises a smile. We're used to royal photos filled with grins and giggles from the participants but sometimes it's the off guard images that stick in the memory. Here are eight less than posed photos from the royal week just gone. Be calm, they include Harry in tights.

One of those photos that seemed like such a good idea at the time. Here's Harry warming up before a jog with The Running Charity, trying to smile but already realising this picture will be following him around for years. 

There's a lot of it about and it seems that Queen Maxima may well have the January cold/ cough/ when will I stop wiping my nose virus doing the rounds. Good to see that she's a fan of the catch it and bin it brigade and has gone tissues rather than hankies. 

Eating elegantly while having your photo taken is all part of the royal job  and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark gave it his best shot this week, making his way through just about the whole table of food provided on a visit to a hospitality school. Let's hope he'd finished before he turned round as his wife's face says it all. Crown Princess Mary is not amused.

But wait, I'm great on this thing....Haakon Magnus of Norway takes his guitar to London for a sing song. One of the perks of being heir to a throne is that even if you're not the best, everyone claps loudly. Not that there's any link here but.;...


What better way to spend the day than walking on an ice rink without any skates. No wonder King Willem-Alexander looks nervous, no one ever looked good having to be helped by a nice lady in a net apron.

It's been a tough week for the King of the Netherlands. Here, he appears to be the only royal in recent memory not to draw a crowd as he seemingly gets ready to walk into a room to find only one person waiting for him. Fair play, he's not even batting an eyelid. 

Yes, it's already time for the first compulsory royal in goggles photo of 2017. There will be many more of these to come but King Carl XVI Gustaf gets the ball rolling admirably with a set which let him think he was using a forestry machine and gave all of us a good giggle in the process.

'Yes, been driving this thing for years now. Did I ever tell you about the time...' Prince Charles looks, for all the world, like a train driver about to gush forth his memoirs one more time while everyone else pretends they're listening rather than a visiting royal getting a go at making all his childhood dreams come true.

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