Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Royal Wardrobe: clever colour combos?

Five outfits but which will be the standout of the week? Enter the Royal Wardrobe to find out...

As the new year settles in, the royals of Europe are almost like normal. Almost, but not quite. It's still, well, quiet in some parts but they diaries are slowly filling and the coats and gloves of 2017 are starting to pad out that royal wardrobe. This week was mostly about boots and colour clashes which isn't a bad way to end January by any stretch of the imagination. Pick your favourite in the poll on the main page or get the conversation started in the comments section below. It would be great to hear your thoughts on this week's Royal Wardrobe.

Let's start with Queen Maxima's efforts at colour clash which take the whole concept to new levels.  The outfit chosen for the opening of a national education exhibition was a very Maxima look. And where to look? There's so much going on, it's almost impossible to make a start but the pork pie hat seems as good a place as any. It is almost the same colour as the coat which in turn shares some shade similarity with the skirt which brings in the teal because what this outfit was missing was another colour. The teal is carried on in the boots, bag and sheer, pleated blouse beneath the coat. It was like someone gave Maxima a list of all the things she didn't want to wear in 2017 and she got them all out of the way in one go. Way to go.

Queen Letizia went for layers with her colour clash but as her choice of shades was much subtler, the look was much less busy but comes as close to not working as Maxima's. We've got a classic black trouser/ white blouse to start off and the colour combo comes from the caramel block on the jacket. But the mini coat is kind of the problem here. The solid shades work rather nicely but no one could work out why Letizia was walking around with it draped over her shoulders in the freezing weather until she got inside at Agroexpo and revealed a school master jacket beneath which was very last season and completely unnecessary. The result was inevitable when you have two outfits you want to wear and can't pick so choose both - a bit of a hotchpotch.

Mary's colour clash was that well worn and always popular combo of pale blue and burgundy, chosen for a day of engagements with the First Lady of Iceland during the two day State Visit to Denmark. And Mary's new look was almost interesting. Though to be fair, when your guest brings that many ruffles to the party, anything is going to pale. The coat is rather chic but almost too classic and seemed to swamp the Crown Princess at times. But the burgundy shoes, bag and gloves added plenty of pep to this winter wardrobe effort and overall, Mary gets away with her colour clash attempt.

Most comments about Princess Charlene during her latest appearance were about how happy she looked and given how well this colour combo worked, it's no wonder she was smiling. Charlene chose  this season's shoe pick of ankle boots to add a subtle shade angle to her outfit and that's a trend that's defeated several royals already this January (Letizia and Maxima, we're looking at you). The cream coat is classic and classy while the caramel boots are edgy and elegant. Oh, and the two tone pixie cut is a work of wonder. Yep, we're all smiling at this one, too.

The Duchess of Cambridge kept things mostly bright and blocky with her outfit for a visit to her charity, EACH, in Norfolk. The two piece skirt and jacket are a strong green and the contrast comes from the blouse and accessories. There's Peter Pan collar going on here to add different shades - cream with a black trim. And Kate took that black trim and matched it to the shoes and bag. Green and black isn't that much of a clash but it's a hard colour combo to make work and Kate wins here. 

Five outfits, plenty of colour clashes and some unforgettable style moments. Choose your favourite in the poll above - the results will be here on Tuesday.

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