Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Royal Wardrobe: gala gowns galore

Queen Letizia going gala at the end of January 2017
(photo casareal Twitter)

January is ending as it began, filled with glitz and gala gowns and most of them from Denmark. In fact, in an almost identical run of form to the beginning of the year, the past seven days have included epic amounts of sequins and silk from Copenhagen interspersed with a solitary and rather sombre full length effort from Spain. As January gets ready to say its farewells, why not say hello to seven gala gowns from the week just gone and then pick a favourite on the main page poll. That's right, it's deja vu all over again and we're not even four weeks into the new year.

Queen Margrethe again led the gala charge as she hosted a State Visit from the President of Iceland and glittered in gold at the banquet. Margrethe paired her Naasut Tiara from Greenland with a green lace dress for a rerun of a gala look that always adds glitter. Only Margrethe could wear this tiara which is packed with personality and choosing a bright but simple dress, heavy in lace, adds texture and style to make a memorable outfit. 

Crown Princess Mary decided to show off her new tiara and by new we mean Edwardian diamonds and rubies. Yep, that modern. Mary matched it to a black gala outfit and almost found her skirt outshining her sparkles. Her two piece in itself is very modern but the lace top looks almost too informal for the whole event while the skirt is rather stylish meaning most of the attention is taken away from the diamonds.

Princess Marie went the same route only her tiers and flares didn't really flounce enough for anyone to notice them. Marie's dress was chic if uninspiring but then when you know you'll be wearing that floral tiara AGAIN it's hard to get over excited. 

OK, move away from Denmark for just a moment. More to come but we also got another gala gown from Queen Letizia this week and like her previous effort at the start of the month this was sleek, fitted and bordering on the forgettable. The colour and hair are terrific and add plenty of pow to a dress that should wow but ends up underwhelming. It's all very nice but just seems slightly too low key for gala. Oh well, there's always next year's reception for the Diplomatic Corps to dream of.

Back in Copenhagen, Queen Margrethe found herself doing official greetings by a lift as she led her family to a return dinner offered by the President of Iceland on day two of his visit. Quite why the hellos took place by the elevators is anyone's guess but there were no prizes for guessing what Margrethe wore. It's been her go to for many a State Visit event of this kind - yep, it's the bright fuchsia skirt and black top combo which belongs firmly in the only Margrethe category. Let's leave it there before the lift comes again.

Crown Princess Mary didn't have her best week in the gala stakes, choosing a pretty red lace dress with white coat for the return entertainment. While the colour combo is very clever, the overall look seems a bit dressed down for a glitzy evening, much more of a day look than evening pick.

Which left the way open for Marie to pull a late sparkler out of the bag with a grey suit that stunned all the way. On paper, it sounds like something left over from a dowager duchess' wardrobe - a satin jacket with embellishments and a knee length skirt. In reality, it was a neat packet of chicness that was made all the better by the loose hair and neat accessories. Marie glittered so much, she outsparkled the lights on the lift which took some doing. 

And there's your gala round up of the week just gone. You can choose a favourite on the poll on the main page, results on Sunday.

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