Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The princess and the jam jar

Princess Leonore in a photo shared on Princess Madeleine's Facebook page

Princess Leonore has come over all hygge to help welcome in the New Year. The daughter of Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill takes a break from the very serious business of posing for New Year photos for a spot of chocolate milk and gets everyone reaching for their Scandi house guide by drinking it out of a jam jar.

Leonore, the snow star

As well as being about on trend as it's possible to be just ahead of your third birthday, Leonore gets all frosty in the snow as she stars in another image shared on her mum's official Facebook page with a New Year greeting for everyone.

Prince Nicolas enjoys the snow

Little brother, Prince Nicolas, also gets a starring role, snuggling in the snow for another of Madeleine's New Year photos.  But while his sister is the queen of creativity with her jam jar jollies, Nicolas keeps it simple with his final photo and does what just about every 18 month old ever has done since cameras were invented and briefly stands still in a doorway while mum snaps away before heading off on his next adventure.

Nicolas finds seven seconds in his busy schedule to pose for a photo for mum

Princess Madeleine periodically shares photos of her children on her official Facebook page. She has said before that if people want to see her children, they should look to her and her husdband rather than trying to take sneaky photos themselves. She is generous with images of her family life and it's a sensible way of controlling the inevitable interest in Leonore and Nicolas. And as Madeleine's daughter has shown, she's got this New Year photo thing all sorted.

Photos: Princess Madeleine Facebook page.

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