5 stand out Invictus moments for Prince Harry

It's been quite the week for Harry. Not only did we all go wild about his hand in hand outing with Meghan, we all got to enjoy his fabulous Invictus Games which have once more shone a spotlight on the power of sport and the spirit of service personnel across the world. It's been a really special week for Prince Harry with some stand out moments that top them all. Everyone hearts Harry right now and here are five reasons why.....

1. The heartfelt thanks of a veteran

The Invictus Games are all about giving a platform, a voice, a spotlight to military veterans and Harry has more than done that with this third staging of his brainchild idea. His efforts have won praise around the world but perhaps no tribute is as moving as that paid by 101 year old James Norman Baker. The World War Two veteran appeared on screen at a wheelchair rugby event lauding Harry who immediately went off to find his fellow soldier. The two had an emotion chat before the prince made sure his new pal had great seats for the rest of the event. Speaking later, the man who loves to be known as ''Norm'' said that Harry had encouraged wounded soldiers to rediscover their self confidence and underlined what a difference the prince had made to a generation of military personnel who are rediscovering their abilities thanks to him. Quite a tribute.

2. The popcorn standoff

There may not actually be a cuter royal moment this year than this. What could make a loved up prince at the height of his powers even more appealing? How about a bit of bants with a toddler who's just started stealing his popcorn? Emily Henson, whose dad Dave is a former Invictus competitor as well as a pal of the prince, made a fairly big inroad into the snack before the fun and games started. Harry teased her by taking the box away before playing around while helping her tuck in. Cue plenty of musings about just how good Harry is with children (not that we're hoping for a rush of royal babies or anything like that).

3. Prince or popstar?

We know Harry is popular but that was really brought home by the reception the prince got when he made a surprise appearance at a WE Day event in Toronto. The convention is part of a series of events that take place every year to encourage young people to work for social good. Harry had some words of wisdom for them, telling them to look up from their phones and ''take real action''. He also asked them to leave pessimism and cynicism behind and focus on the positive. And he had a willing audience - the screams from the 10,000 strong crowd when Harry was announced would be the envy of some of the biggest names in entertainment. Harry is truly a superstar prince this week.

4. A kiss is still a kiss...

Embed from Getty Images

Don't get overexcited chaps, this does not involve Meghan. No. Prince Harry clearly loves the veterans who have come to take part in Invictus and his pride in them was shown when he planted a huge smacker on the head of Maurice Manuel, one of the Danish team which won the hugely exciting wheelchair rugby final, pipping the UK to gold. Look at this picture without welling up. See, you can't. Prince Harry's infinite joy in the freedom that sport is bringing to service personnel through Invictus has shone through every day of this competition and was crystal clear in this special moment that will last long beyond the Games.

5. Everyone hearts Harry

Yep, this prince is winning more hearts than anyone might have imagined before Invictus 2017 started. This third running has been the biggest and slickest yet and it's made headlines around the world. And whether it's the spectators or the competitors, all the love is for Harry. He's been mobbed and feted wherever he goes and just about everyone wants a piece of this prince. There's a feeling that a new phase in his life beckons for Harry once he returns home - these stand out moments from his great achievement, Invictus, shows that he'll start it with a huge wave of support behind him.

Photo credit: Kensington Palace Instagram


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