Sunday, 24 September 2017

Meghan Markle attends the Invictus Games

Get the bunting in the wash and start stocking up on paper plates, I can feel a street party coming on. Meghan Markle has attended the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games in Toronto, another sign that an engagement and wedding with Prince Harry could be just around the corner.

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Meghan was smiling in the stands as the third Invictus got under way in the city she's called home for several years. She didn't sit with Harry at the event but her very presence is a huge sign of how serious their relationship is and where it might well be heading. And just to give this fairytale romance another sprinkle of magic, Meghan was sitting with her friend, Markus Anderson, who introduced her to Prince Harry.

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There had been huge speculation before the ceremony about whether Meghan and Harry would be seen together during the Games. Her appearance at the opening event makes a formal event together in the coming days even more likely.

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The couple have been together for over a year and their relationship was first confirmed last autumn when Prince Harry issued an unprecedented statement in which he criticised the press for hounding Meghan who he described as his girlfriend. Earlier this year, Meghan was spotted watching Harry play polo - a traditional staging post in any Windsor romance. Just a few days ago, Meghan told Vanity Fair magazine that she and Harry were in love. Now she's been seen standing almost at his side at the start of the Games that mean so much to him. You can almost hear the bridal march.

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In fact, interest in the couple is so intense that Meghan's appearance at the Invictus Games is even featuring high up on the websites of major news organisations like the BBC and ITV. Harry has taken previous girlfriends to events but never with the same amount of interest as this appearance has generated. Sunday afternoons were made for baking so maybe practice the sausage rolls and cupcakes today. There may just be a big royal celebration heading our way.

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