5 things we learned when Harry held hands with Meghan

Holding hands. We all need to do it more. It's one of the truly lovely things that can be just everyday and sometimes so much more. At this point we perhaps need to introduce Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who did that whole hand holding thing at the wheelchair tennis at the Invictus Games in Toronto. The couple made their first official appearance together and put a big smile on quite a lot of faces. Here are five things we learned when Harry held hands with Meghan.

1. Meghan is a cool customer

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If she was nervous, she hid it well. Meghan Markle walked out in front of a gawping world holding hands with her love and smiled her way through it. OK, both she and Harry looked slightly anxious as they did the whole stroll through the cameras thing but once they'd taken their seats and settled down, they looked like they'd already spent a lifetime attending public engagements together. Royal close up? More than ready.

2. Meghan has a cheeky side

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This duchess in waiting has a sense of humour. For her big appearance holding hands with the man she's already told everyone she's in love with, Meghan chose a shirt called ''The Husband''. This canny lady knew everyone would be chasing the details of her clothes and threw it right back at them with an item that left everyone smiling. That's classy.

3.  It's now officially official

Thanks to Twitter star Cepe Smith here who quickly pointed out that this event ended up in the Court Circular. Yep, whereas the royals usually just tell us in official terms that Harry has attended events at the Invictus Games, his visit to the wheelchair tennis got its own special mention. So Meghan was at an official engagement with her handsome prince. Engagement. There's a word.

4.  They are super loved up

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You know how royals used to be all stuffy and hands off in public, Forget that. There were no big grabs or snogs here but it was clear to anyone who has a) ever seen a remotely happy couple and b) was looking at Harry and Meghan for more than 5 seconds that they are very much in love. Shared jokes, hair nuzzling, lots of laughs - these two are about as happy as they come. Anyone would think they were about to get married.

5. Lots of people are very happy for them

Let's face it, we all love a royal romance especially when it looks like it's heading to the altar and the reaction to this loved up pair was pretty positive all round. From thousands of tweets and photo shares to headlines on just about every paper and magazine going that involved the word 'love', everyone seemed to be smiling about this regal show of affection. There was also a big show of support from the competitors at the Invictus Games who seemed happy to see their hero, Harry, on the brink of another landmark in his own life. Sometimes, holding hands can mean so much more.

Photo credit: ITV Twitter still.


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